Get all your systems on the same page

Integrate essential platforms with the Avanti API.

When your HRMS tools don’t work together, you waste time on redundant tasks. Avanti’s application programming interface (API) allows integrations with your essential platforms for maximum efficiency and accuracy.


Satisfy your need for efficient integration

Synchronizing business systems can be an uphill battle. When you need to update or access information, or integrate your system with another, Avanti’s API Endpoints help you easily integrate systems and share valuable data in real time – safely and securely.

AVANTI advantage:

  • Pull employee compensation for your benefits enrollment platform
  • Push new hire data to all your other systems
  • Post scheduling information on internal dashboards
  • Connect directly to business intelligence tools

Available Endpoints

Avanti’s API can be used to build private services to integrate with other platforms, like application tracking, data visualization, and learning management systems.

Reporter Endpoint

Create your own endpoints using Avanti’s Reporting tools and the raw data of any custom report can be accessed via the Reporter endpoint

Personal Info Endpoint

Get and update basic employee personal information

Pay Statements Endpoint

Current and historical employee pay statement information

Time Management Endpoint

Get employee time, schedules or availability

Web Punch Endpoint

Add employee raw punch data

New Hire

Add new employees to the Avanti system. Stay tuned for details!

Coming Soon