Adaptable, Integrated
Time Tracking

Easy Collection

Collect time from anywhere, in the format that’s right for your business. Web time sheets, geofenced mobile punch, biometric clocks and more. Whatever your needs, we make it easy.

Easy Management

Managers need to schedule, review, alter, and approve time efficiently and accurately. Easily create schedule templates to manage only exceptions, quickly fill open shifts and more. Validated dropdowns allow quick adjustments by position or cost centre to ensure perfect labour costing.

Easy Payroll Integration

No manual input, imports or interfaces. Time flows directly to Payroll ensuring continuous accuracy and efficiency.

Automate Your Rules

Premium rules, break rules, holiday rules and overtime rules can all be automated so you can be sure your employees’ time and pay is calculated correctly every time.

Shift Pooling

Employees can easily pool shifts they can no longer work or pick up additional shifts.

Biometric Timeclocks

Easy to use time clocks that provide facial, fingerprint or HID card recognition.

Multiple Work Groups

Easily manage different rules for different groups of employees. This allows multiple jurisdictions or collective agreements to all be accommodated in the same database.


Automatically notify managers and employees when time-off requests are made and approved.

Choose Your View

Personalize your schedule by format, time frame, pay period and more. Filter, colour code, and sort as desired.

Case Study

Avanti combines this convention centre’s payroll administration, talent management, and time tracking into one system.

Even better, it has a completely configurable platform and advanced reporting features to give HR and Payroll more data and control than they ever had previously.

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More effective payroll processing


The cost of previous HR systems

We certainly see efficiencies as far as getting rid of spreadsheets, it’s all in one system now. With Avanti, they program everything with the end user in mind. I think that’s a distinct advantage.

Warren Sawatzky
450 Employees

Time Collection and Data for Total Business Success

Single-platform Workforce Management gives HR immediate access to scheduled time-off, vacation and other entitlements. Payroll never has to enter or import another timesheet, and your leadership team has access to the reports they need to manage overtime, labour costs, variance, and every other essential metric.

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Biometric Best Practices

When installing or upgrading timeclocks, be sure to consider the employee experience. Learn how to best manage this change.

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