An Optimized Mobile Experience,
for Teams on the Go

Easy to use, easy on the eyes

Avanti Go is a workforce management app that will delight your employees, all from their mobile device. Team members can easily read and understand their pay statements, see their schedules, pick up available shifts, and much more, all right in the app. No logging into a forgotten portal URL, no undelivered email pay statements or hard to read PDFs, employees just click on Avanti Go and do what they need to do.

Avanti Go, your internal communications co-pilot

You can easily send notifications and set up reminders to keep your team on the same page. Is a team member’s probation period complete? Set a reminder and send a notification to let them know they are now eligible for benefits and how to make their first claim. And with Avanti’s new posted workflow notifications for mobile, they will know the moment they get paid. It’s that simple to keep the communication flowing.

Shift swaps made simple

When team members can’t work a shift, they need easy access to communicate with their team. Avanti Go empowers team members and management to post, swap and approve shifts all within one mobile experience.

Mobile workforce management

Experience more visibility and less scheduling headaches for you and your payroll team with Avanti Go’s geo-locating features. The Web Punch functionality makes punching in and out of shifts a convenient, seamless process.

Safe, convenient access

With Avanti Go, you can rely on the same safety and security that comes with Avanti’s HCM solutions. Accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Always running on the latest hardware and software. Tested daily by security experts to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities.

Case Study

How switching to Avanti provided Westcorp with greater peace of mind to manage their people.

With Avanti, Westcorp has one unified system that gives everyone more freedom and flexibility.

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Decrease in cost per employee per pay period


Sheets of paper saved annually

Avanti has proven to be a cost-effective, labour-reducing, and time-saving solution for everyone from the accounting team to individual property managers and employees.

Jonathan Lee
275 Employees
Corporate Controller

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Avanti Go makes it easier for your whole team to get work done, anytime and anywhere.

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