Fast, Reliable and Secure
in the Canadian Cloud

Your People Data is Yours

Client data is individually secured and isolated, while access to data within Avanti is segregated by application functions and end-user roles. This gives you total access to and control over your data, making it easy to govern who gets access to what.

The Cloud is Your Friend

Automated backups to prevent work loss. Accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection. Running on the latest hardware and software. Dynamic bandwidth and storage allocations to scale alongside your business. Tested daily by security experts to identify and remediate any vulnerabilities. It’s safe to say, our cloud’s got your back.

Compliance is in Our DNA

Avanti has strong internal controls that govern the use of your data. They are tested and verified, annually, by an external auditor. We maintain compliance with attestation standards set out in CSAE 34, AICPA and SSAE 18.

Updates are easy

Planning for change requires foresight, and with Avanti, you get to schedule your major updates at the click of a button to be performed, by us, at the time of your choosing.

Case Study

Convention Centre in Winnipeg

We certainly saw efficiencies as far as getting rid of the spreadsheets. It’s all in one system now. And we’ve gotten employees engaged with going online to look at pay statements.

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More effective payroll processing


The cost of previous HR systems

It takes much less time now in Avanti than it did in the previous system. I’m not having to enter the data twice anymore or double-check the reports that are coming in from the managers. It cuts the time it takes to do our payroll by half.

Carol Emms
450 Employees
Convention Center, Winnipeg

Take Your HCM to the Cloud

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to your people management operations. Moving to a SaaS solution for HCM means taking the headache out of the infrastructure and IT side of things, letting you focus on achieving your goal of building a better workplace.

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