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More Efficient By Design

Don’t create barriers with technology. Avanti is one platform that is accessible to both managers and employees, as well as system administrators. We believe that a better user experience in your HRIS leads to a better employee experience.

Less tasks, more impact

Automated workflows eliminate the need for manual processes and eases the burden of countless spreadsheets for tracking changes. Make changes once and do it all from one place.

Focus on high value and meaningful work

Now that manual tasks are a thing of the past, you’ve got more time for insights into the future. You have real-time access to the data you need to set your plan in motion for building a better workplace.

Configured for growth

Multiple Business Numbers? No problem! We work with a lot of growing organizations that acquire other businesses, operate with subsidiaries, you name it! They can all be configured to the same company so that you have the reporting visibility you need across your entire organization.

Case Study

How Avanti helped scale Servus Credit Union’s payroll as they grew from 1,000 to over 2,200 employees.

Five years later, they now have over 2,500 employees across Alberta.

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We were looking at massive growth, and we knew we needed something that would carry us there. With Avanti’s functionality, no matter how large we grow, the system can sustain it.

Athina Tzakas
1400 Employees
Payroll Manager

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