Payroll & HR for Canadian municipalities

Our in-house payroll software for Canadian municipalities means you’re in control. Handle complex payroll, benefits, and scheduling with ease. Maintain compliance without missing a step. We’ll help you tackle challenges today so you can build a stronger community tomorrow.

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HCM that makes your work, less work

Work with an HCM partner that understands what your municipality or local government needs. From simplifying and speeding up payroll to keeping everyone engaged and organized – we’re here to make it all easier.

Take on complex with confidence

Managing municipalities with different groups of employees, benefit programs, pay rates, and collective bargaining agreements can get complicated. But not if you have the right solution in place. Avanti’s highly configurable system helps to ensure all your requirements are met.

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Manage multiple collective bargaining agreements

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Track and manage multiple pay rates

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Automatically bump employees to the next rate with auto-levelling

Payroll software for Canadian municipalities

Scheduling that accounts for everything

Keep tabs on hourly and casual staff with flexible time entry options. With integrated schedules and pay calculations, manual tasks are eliminated, managing time is simplified, and accuracy is guaranteed.

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Every hour, schedule change, and clock punch, instantly syncs with payroll

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Multiple ways to easily enter time – app, physical clocks & electronic time sheets

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Faster scheduling with automated shift requirements

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Update shift codes to align with your schedule

Time & Attendance - Attendance Management

Connect your HCM to your financial system

Streamline your payroll processes and reduce manual tasks by connecting your financial systems with Avanti. Centralizing your data helps you easily pay, manage, and deduct employee taxes.

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Ensure accuracy and compliance

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Reduce manual errors

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Simplify your financial reporting

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Custom exports available for Vadim-iCity, Unit4, Great Plains, Dynamics 365 & other ERPs

API Integration payroll processing

Empower your team with Self-Service

Save yourself time and give your employees anytime access to their information. Avanti’s Self-Service Portal and Avanti GO provide your team with secure and convenient access to the information they need.

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Edit and update personal information

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Access pay statements, schedules, T4s and more

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Schedule & approve employee time easily

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Swap, post, or pickup shifts in the schedule pool

Time Attendance Schedule App

Your compliance comes first

If your business is selected for a CRA, union, or safety audit – having all your data in one place gives you easy access to everything you need to meet internal and external audit requirements. To keep you compliant year-round, our biannual tax releases ensures you are meeting legislated jurisdictional and federal requirements and prepared for Year-End.

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Seamless remittance & processes

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Compliance with Canadian legislation

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Biannual tax releases

Remittance Report Software

Get more out of your reporting

Access all the payroll and people data you need from one place. From budgeting and forecasting, to identifying trends and determining cost savings, Avanti’s advanced reporting tools make it easy for you to provide stakeholders with key insights, faster.

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Access 175 standard reports

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Create custom reports at no extra cost

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Automatically schedule & send reports

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Data remains secure with user-level permissions

Advanced Reporting

Easy remote onboarding

Onboard new hires quickly and securely with automated onboarding tools. You’ll have full visibility into the entire process – from when they receive their welcome email to the completion of their onboarding checklist.

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Automatically set up new employee payroll before their first day

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Guide their experience with easy steps & auto-assigned tasks 

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Self-serve paperwork for banking, contracts, TD1s, profiles, & more

Talent Acquisition Software

Take the stress out of Year-End

We want your Year-End process to go as smoothly as possible. To ensure your compliance, we provide regular tax updates throughout the year. We also provide dedicated webinars and practical Year-End and T4 guides to help get you to the finish line.

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Automatic amendments & adjustments

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Employee self-serve tax documents

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Year-End resources & support

Avanti Self-Service Portal

Security you can rely on

Your security is our top priority. From our internal people policies and processes to our state-of-the-art data centres – as an Avanti client, we protect your data privacy and operational security using multiple layers of protection and defense.

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We conduct frequent penetration and breakout tests to ensure that your data is protected using industry best practices

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We employ robust security monitoring solutions to protect our servers and network

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We consistently manage and deploy patching, updates, and security enhancements to the ecosystem so you don’t have to

T4 Processing

What our clients in local government say

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Easy to navigate, organized, thought-through program that is making payroll processing faster and easier. I would recommend not only for municipal governments but for all types of businesses.
Stephanie deJager
Payroll & Benefits Clerk for the City of Revelstoke
The town recently experienced a power outage, and it affected our on-site servers. Payroll, however, was just fine. Working from home, we still had access to the Avanti server. Another big plus for moving to the Cloud.
Silke Attwood
Senior Payroll Officer for the M.D. of Bonnyville
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Empowering Canadian municipalities

See some of the actual results our municipal and local government clients have achieved with Avanti.


Time savings running payroll


Employees empowered with self-serve


Less printing and mailing costs with online pay statements


Solutions for every department

With Avanti, integrate all your payroll, scheduling, and people management needs into one software while providing relevant teams with the visibility they need. Fewer errors and less admin work for everyone.

Payroll & Finance

Save time with an in-house solution that gives you control over how and when you release pay. From accurate reporting and GL integrations to audits and legislative compliance, we’ve got you and your team covered.

Human Resources

Imagine the employee experiences you could build with less admin work to do. Keep everyone engaged and organized with applicant-friendly recruitment, onboarding, and performance management.


From seamless integration and expert implementation to automatic bug fixes and industry-leading client support – we eliminate the headaches so you can deliver awesome experiences to your entire organization.


Helping Canadian municipalities get there faster

Get ready to do things the easy way. From faster payroll processing to simplified scheduling – Avanti’s HCM software is designed to make your work, less work.

Your partner in all things HCM

Being a good partner means we provide you with all the tools and support you need to simplify your work. We’re here to help you make sense of the complicated, to reduce the time you spend on payroll and scheduling, and to bring autonomy to you and your team.

Efficient and accurate payroll processing

Pay your employees accurately and on time. Avanti removes the guess work with automated processes that eliminate manual tasks and streamline your workflows.

You’re never in it alone

We’re big on helping small teams. It’s our goal to make your workday just a little bit easier. If things get tough or you have a question, we’re just a phone call or email away.

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Compliance made easy

With a million things on your plate, let us do the heavy lifting and ensure you’re adhering to all Canadian compliance rules.

Implementation support

We get it right for you the first time. Our experienced Implementation Team works with you to set up what’s right for your municipality. We help you create and configure custom workflows, notifications, and self-serve tools for your employees.

Self-Serve tools for your employees

Our Mobile App and Self-Service Portal give your employees access to everything they need when they need it, including profile info, pay statements, tax forms, and other essential documents.

Integration with other tools

We understand that you have multiple SaaS tools to help you run your municipality and we want to ensure that they all play nicely and integrate with your payroll solution. That’s why we have an open API so every business tool you have works together.

Cost efficient

With our transparent Per Employee, Per Month (PEPM) pricing there are no hidden fees. And you will only get charged for what you use.

Features for people & payroll in Canada

Simplify your work and support your team backed by our full suite of powerful HCM tools and Canadian payroll expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is precious, let’s save you a few clicks. Here are some of our most asked questions.

Does Avanti integrate with any financial systems?
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We offer G/L exports so you can export all payroll journal entries created during payroll processing into your financial and accounting system. We have custom exports available for Vadim-iCity, Unit4, Great Plains, Dynamics 365, and other ERPs.

For other integrations, we have API endpoints available so you and your team can pull the Avanti data you need and integrate with your existing solutions.

Can Avanti generate payroll reports?
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Avanti comes with 175 standard report templates. You can also create custom reports using all the data across your system with our Report Designer at no extra charge.

Is there a cost for off-cycle payroll runs?
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No, there’s no additional cost! Avanti supports processing multiple pay runs such as off-cycle and manual payments at no extra charge, including retroactive pay, which includes compensating employees for a shortfall from a previous pay period.

Can Avanti handle multiple unions?
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Yes, Avanti can handle multiple collective agreements within the system, support collective agreements, and multiple benefit programs.

Can Avanti handle multiple business numbers?
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Yes, Avanti can handle multiple business numbers, including franchisee management or subsidiary organizations.

Can I customize my pay codes in Avanti?
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Yes! Part of your implementation process will involve working with a dedicated Implementation Consultant to understand how you currently run payroll and configuring your Avanti system with to meet your needs, including pay codes, earning/deduction codes, time and attendance requirements, and more.

Is my employee's payroll data secure?
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Yes. As a SaaS provider, Avanti Software takes your security seriously. This dedication is reflected in everything we do – from our people and processes to our data centres and product security. As an Avanti client, you can rely on us to protect your data and operational security at every step. For more information, learn more about our security practices here or review our privacy policy.

Can employees access their tax slips in Avanti?
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Yes! Avanti’s self-service web portal makes it easy for you to distribute tax slips during year-end and for employees to securely access them.

Is your time and attendance solution integrated with payroll?
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Yes! The strength of our time and attendance solution lies in the native integration with our Canadian payroll solution. Together, they seamlessly ensure timely, accurate payroll processing.

Can employees use their mobile phones for time tracking?
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Yes! You have the option to enable employees to clock in via web punch (mobile app or web portal) or physical biometric clocks. Please note that not all physical clocks are compatible with Avanti, but we are pleased to offer compatible physical clock leasing as part of our products & services.

Can Avanti time and attendance software help us manage overtime?
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Yes! You can create overtime rules that automatically change the rate of pay for an employee based on the number of hours they go over. You can also flag potential overtime hours when building schedules based on the time employees have already worked.

Can vacation be approved based on seniority?
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Yes! When approving vacation, you can sort approval by seniority. You can also see how much vacation they’ve accrued and what they’ve already taken.

Can I customize workflows for performance reviews, such as salaried employees vs hourly employees?
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Yes! You can have multiple review types with different fields and requirements.

During onboarding, can a new hire add an additional bank account?
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No, they can only add one account during onboarding. After onboarding, you can add up to five different bank accounts in Avanti. This is managed by the payroll administrator. Employees are unable to update their own bank accounts at this time.

Can you control what information people see in Avanti?
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Yes, you can control what information managers and employees have access to through user role assignments and securities.

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