Unified payroll and time, it’s a beautiful thing

Schedule like a pro with advanced scheduling features that reduce errors and save you time. In Avanti, every hour, schedule change, and clock punch, instantly syncs with payroll.

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A Time & Attendance solution that works for you

When your payroll and time are in sync, your job is way easier. With integrated schedules and pay calculations manual tasks are eliminated, managing time is simplified, and accuracy is guaranteed.

Scheduling that accounts for everything

With all your employee data in one place, you can create schedules that account for availability, vacation days, sick days, shift eligibility, and more, all while syncing with payroll.

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Instant schedule posting

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Self-serve vacation requests

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Faster scheduling with automated shift requirements

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Time Attendance Schedule App

Make it easy to swap shifts

Give your employees easy access to their scheduling. With employee self-serve, your team can request to pick up or swap shifts and managers can approve or deny requests instantly.

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Easily manage employee schedules

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Instantly approve or deny shift requests

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Employees can request shift changes anytime, anywhere

Keep in time with your clocks

In Avanti, remote and onsite clock punches instantly sync with your payroll. You can also update shift codes or make time adjustments based on your businesses’ needs.

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Integrate clock punches with payroll

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Remote clock-in or physical biometric clocks

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Update shift codes to align with your schedule

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Empower your team with Self-Service tools

Make time tracking easy, convenient, and accurate with Self-Service tools for time and attendance. No more chasing people for time sheets, calculating accruals manually, or struggling to cover shifts.

Self-Service Time & Attendance benefits

In Avanti Self-Service Portal, managers & employees can:

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Post & access schedules

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Submit & approve time off requests

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Swap, post, or pickup shifts in the schedule pool

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Digitally clock in & out

Avanti GO Time & Attendance benefits

In Avanti GO mobile app, managers & employees can:

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Access schedules

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Post shifts to the schedule pool

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Swap & pickup shifts in the schedule pool

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Clock in & out from your phone


What our clients say

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We can now use Avanti’s web timesheets to do final pay, so we don’t have to email managers to ask them where their paper time sheets are anymore. It makes everything much faster than before.
Carolyn Lesyshen
Payroll Supervisor, Servus Credit Union
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Time & Attendance Features

Easily manage your team’s hours, PTO, and holidays with time tools that automatically sync with your payroll.

Time & Attendance Features
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Absence Management

Track sick days, PTO, vacation, jury duty, and more to gain a clear picture of attendance patterns.

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Attendance Management

Track employee attendance in real-time from punctuality to absences.

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Configurable Rules & Restrictions

Configure work rules to better define start times, overtime, and other validations. Notify employees when something goes outside of a rule, such as eligible overtime hours.

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Shift Scheduling

Create schedules that account for availability, vacation days, sick days, shift eligibility, skill level and more, all while syncing with payroll.

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Roll Forward Scheduling

Create automated team schedules that repeat every week. Roll Forward Scheduling lets you make easy adjustments and notifies you when you need to make changes based on vacation time and schedule requests.

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Shift Swapping

Empower your team with self-serve. In our Self-Service Portal and Avanti GO mobile app, employees can view schedules and swap shifts and managers can approve or deny changes the same way.

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Employee Time Tracking

Track and monitor when your employees start and stop work. Managers can track hours worked, over time, early departures, break duration, and more.

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Requirements Scheduling

Easily create schedules based on specific position requirements such as position management requirements.

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Self-Service, Reporting, & Time Collection
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Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP)

Online Self-Service portal where employees can book time off, view remaining vacation hours, managers can approve time off, etc.

ASSP HCM Integrations LoginConfetti

Avanti GO

Avanti’s mobile app helps you get things done no matter where you are. Employees can check their schedule and swap shifts. Managers can view and approve shift change requests.

Time & Attendance AppConfetti

Report Designer

Create custom reports at no extra charge.

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Standard Report Templates

In Avanti, you get access to 175 standard reports that you can automatically schedule and send.

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Flexible Time Collection

Collect employee time and process their pay in a way that works for you – from clocks and biometrics to auto-rate levelling. In Avanti, you have the flexibility to set rules that align with your processes.

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Clock Connect

Clock Connect will notify you within 30 seconds of employees clocking in and out. Clock punches are reflected instantly on the backend system without data entry.

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Features for people & payroll in Canada

Simplify your work and support your team backed by our full suite of powerful HCM tools and Canadian payroll expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is precious, let’s save you a few clicks. Here are some of our most asked questions.

Is your time and attendance solution integrated with payroll?
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Yes! The strength of our time and attendance solution lies in the native integration with our Canadian payroll solution. Together, they seamlessly ensure timely, accurate payroll processing.

Can employees use their mobile phones for time tracking?
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Yes! You have the option to enable employees to clock in via web punch (mobile app or web portal) or physical biometric clocks. Please note that not all physical clocks are compatible with Avanti, but we are pleased to offer compatible physical clock leasing as part of our products & services.

Can Avanti time and attendance software help us manage overtime?
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Yes! You can create overtime rules that automatically change the rate of pay for an employee based on the number of hours they go over. You can also flag potential overtime hours when building schedules based on the time employees have already worked.

Can vacation be approved based on seniority?
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Yes! When approving vacation, you can sort approval by seniority. You can also see how much vacation they’ve accrued and what they’ve already taken.

Can breaks be automatically logged or do they have to be manually punched in/out?
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You can do both! The system can automatically generate breaks, or you can provide employees with the punch option. If you require employees to manually punch in/out and they forget, it will come through as overtime. This can be adjusted by the payroll administrator when approving time for payroll processing.

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