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The best business tools work as one. Avanti’s API helps you build integrations with your favourite platforms for seamless data flow and happier workdays.

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Avanti’s application programming interface (API) integrates seamlessly with your favourite software to reduce processing times, decrease errors, and eliminate double data entry.

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Eliminate manual data entry

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Build time-saving workflows

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Sync your financial systems with payroll

Streamline your payroll processes and reduce manual tasks by connecting your financial systems with Avanti. Centralizing your data helps you pay, manage, and deduct employee taxes.

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What our clients say

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Switching to Avanti means more peace of mind. Avanti understands cloud-based security for payroll. And, when we did the initial proposal, we realized that the cost per employee per pay period was almost half of what it used to be.
Jonathan Lee
Corporate Controller, Westcorp
I’ve used a lot of Canadian Payroll systems. By far, Avanti has the best features and the most flexibility.
Carolyn Lesyshen
CPM, Payroll Supervisor
Because Avanti is so efficient at processing payroll, our payroll administrators don’t have to do a whole bunch of data entry anymore. They’re actually able to run the payroll and do some analysis… instead of just running to get it out the door.
Sherri Kisser
Manager, Finance & Accounting Systems, Glacier Media Group
Empowering our employees with self-service reduces the time we spend running payroll by 25%.
Silke Attwood
Senior Payroll Officer for the M.D. of Bonnyville
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Features for people & payroll in Canada

Simplify your work and support your team backed by our full suite of powerful HCM tools and Canadian payroll expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is precious, let’s save you a few clicks. Here are some of our most asked questions.

Do you have any pre-built integrations?
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No, we haven’t built integrations with any other software, yet. However, we do offer G/L exports so you can export all payroll journal entries created during payroll processing into your accounting system.

For other integrations, we have API endpoints available so you and your team can pull the Avanti data you need and integrate with your existing solutions.

What is an API?
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API is the acronym for application programming interface which enables two applications to communicate with each other. API endpoints allow you to pull specific pieces of information from Avanti, like scheduling or payroll data, and use it in your other tools.

Who is responsible for building integrations with Avanti?
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Our clients are responsible for building integrations using Avanti’s API. Creating an integration requires a developer familiar with using API endpoints to build your integration. If you don’t have an API developer on staff, you can involve a third-party developer.

Does it cost extra to build an integration with Avanti?
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No! We don’t charge any additional fees to use our API.

What types of data can I access with Avanti’s API endpoints?
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You can access and pull data points like current employee compensation, scheduling information, new hire data, and more. Check out our API documentation for more information.

If you’re a client and need assistance, please visit our Client Support Portal

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