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We’re a great group doing awesome things

Our culture keeps getting better with every person who joins the team. We care about our people and we believe in putting in the extra effort to make sure the people we hire align with our Guiding Principles. We’re an empowered group focused on growth – personally and professionally. That, and we smile and laugh a lot.

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Flexible, Fun & Great Place to Work® Certified

Avanti is pleased to be a designated a 2020/2021 Great Place to Work in Canada and Alberta.
We’re committed to our team’s happiness and wellbeing and it’s reflected in our people programs. We take pride in offering Avantians the programs they want.

Optional Work from Home

Avanti embraces a Distributed Work model. It gives you the flexibility to work in a physical location that best suits you, wherever that may be. Office, home, hybrid? That’s up to you.

Flexible Health Benefits

In addition to standard benefit coverage, each person gets a Health Spending Account so they can spend their wellness dollars, their way.

Annual Incentive Bonus

We work hard to deliver amazing outcomes. Everyone that makes an impact is rewarded for it.

RRSP Matching

We help our Avantians secure a better future by matching a portion of their retirement plan contributions so they can reach their retirement goals sooner.

Flexible Time Off

Everyone is different, so our time off program is flexible. We expect our team to take time off to get inspired and give them the flexibility to manage their schedules so they are their best selves.

Wellness Benefits

Life is about balance. Avanti Wellness benefits help employees balance their personal health spending with wellness benefits that contribute to making you a better you. Wellness benefits can be applied to home gym equipment, fitness classes and memberships, art lessons and much more!

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What our employees are saying

Karson Chau

Software Developer

“Avanti’s values align with mine and the company's forward-thinking approach in all aspects including work-life balance encourages professional development. The most important lesson that I have learned at Avanti is to not be afraid of asking questions. I have found that no matter which skill-level I may find myself on a particular day, I'm able to seek advice and bounce ideas with those around me.”

Jane Doe

Director of Directors

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