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Found, not founded – Our story

Avanti isn’t a start-up. In fact, we’ve been in the payroll business for over 40 years. But in 2016, everything changed. That was when Avanti co-CEO, Amin Lalani found and acquired our then 36-year-old Calgary company with the desire to improve upon a good thing through product innovation and a people-first mindset.

Soon after the acquisition, Amin’s friend and colleague David Owen Cord joined as co-CEO and together they have transformed Avanti into a leading Canadian HRIS provider. In this short time, David and Amin have built a talented team that spans the country, doubled Avanti’s revenues, and transformed the Avanti experience into a modern, diversified, people-focused solution.

If you were to ask either one of them why they chose Avanti, their answers would likely be the same: Great clients, great people, and great products that help people simplify their work.

Amin Lalani


David Owen Cord


We build better workplaces for our clients

What we do – Our reason for being

We love what we do and who we’re doing it for. Driven by a passion for our clients and simplifying their work, we’ve set the bar high to find solutions and increase innovation in all areas of workforce management – from recruiting and seamlessly onboarding new hires, to increasing efficiencies in payroll, and time and attendance. We’ve proudly provided payroll and HR technology to mid-sized Canadian companies for over four decades – and we’re just getting started.

What guides us – Our core values

Avanti’s core values lie at the heart of what we do. These values help us to shape our culture, business goals, and product development. We believe that if we remain true to our core values, we'll always be heading in the right direction.


At Avanti, we are inclusive. We collaborate and share knowledge. It's on us to create safe spaces for diverse opinions and people. Unique perspectives help us make better decisions.


We trust you to be accountable. To own and learn from your mistakes. To challenge yourself with realistic goals and follow through. You are your word.


Be bold in your thinking. Be curious. Ask why and wonder if there’s a better way. Try, fail and try again. We are all responsible for raising the bar. That’s how we move the dial.


This isn’t just a job – it’s an opportunity to grow. By setting goals and delivering amazing outcomes, we grow together. Your talent is a force to be reckoned with – use it.

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Rumyana Petricheva

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Karson Chau

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John Hermann

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