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Our Cause

Four decades ago, we started as a payroll company because making sure your employees were paid on time was the most important employee engagement tool. Today, it’s table stakes. We’ve evolved with you to become so much more.

We don’t just help you pay your employees. We give you powerful tools to help make their lives better. We help you build a better workplace.

Make a great first impression and engage new employees from the day you meet them

Help manage performance and grow careers to lay the foundations for successful retirement

Easily manage the benefits and perks that make you stand out as an employer

Empower employees to organize their time. Easily manage availability, swap shifts, and request time off

And much more

Let’s work together to build better workplaces across Canada.

Why? Because employees in productive and positive workplaces are engaged, and employee engagement comes with all sorts of benefits:

Source: Engaging Employees by Shelley Pieter. Winter 2014 Issue



greater employee productivity


less absenteeism


less turnover


greater customer satisfaction levels


greater share-price increase


more unsolicited applications

Being an Avantian

Our 4 I’s as we like to call them, are the core values we live everyday.

Whether interacting with clients, each other or other vendors we embrace these values as an important part of who we are.


We work hard to deliver amazing outcomes.


Our actions are consistent with our stated goals and intents.


We are better today than we were yesterday, individually and collectively.


Our environment makes our diversity, our strength.

Our Story

We’ve come a long way in our four decades. Right from the start we were a company that never accepted “good enough”, and like you, we’re on a mission to continuously innovate. While many payroll and HR technology companies span the globe, we’re 100% Canadian in every way.

All our people are in Canada, and many have decades of Canadian payroll and HR technology experience.

All of our clients are in Canada (coast to coast), and everything we do is focused on enhancing the value we provide to them.

All of your data is in Canada, providing peace of mind (and for some industries, fulfilling a legal requirement too).

We have the privilege of serving these Canadian companies

Our software is customer driven and every update contains ideas and suggestions that come from our clients.

Our leadership team understands that employee experience is what keeps your team engaged and helping your company grow. We are passionate about partnering with Canadian businesses to build better workplaces.

Amin Lalani


David Owen Cord


We’re always evolving to meet your company’s needs

We know the process of managing your people changes as your business grows, and as legislation and the workforce change. We’re always enhancing our software to keep up with new requirements and meet your needs. Our evergreen solution means you’ll never pay upgrade fees or go through painful migrations to new versions.

Our support team is available over the phone or in our help centre whenever you need them. By listening to our clients, helping them and upgrading our platform to meet their needs, we’ve built a solution that gives everyone in your company the ability to work collaboratively on a single unified platform. That’s why we have a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

As a new employee and recent graduate, Avanti’s onboarding system was second-to-none in providing an in-depth overview of the industry, best practices, and an introduction to the software. The training and personable interaction with management pave a path for future success. The evolving work environment and competitive compensation made it an easy decision to start my career with Avanti.

Evan Hollohan
Customer Success Manager

The moment I entered the building for my interview, I knew Avanti was different. I have had the chance to work with multiple clients and every implementation is unique which always ensures that my tasks are never mundane. There are many people who have been with the company for more than a decade and when you work with them you get the answer why. Coming from a different country, I am amazed how strongly Avanti believes in cultivating diversity and inclusion at work place.

Avanti has been a true believer of the phrase “If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your clients” and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single day of my tenure and look forward to many more enriching experiences.

Madhu Raulo
Implementation Specialist

I moved from Toronto to Calgary last summer and was in the market for a new job. I got introduced to Avanti’s Co CEOs, Dave & Amin, who gave me the history of the company and what their vision was for the future; I was immediately sold. Even though they were not actively hiring for a position in Finance, they put their faith in me on the value I’d bring to the company and it was a great example of hiring proactively rather than reactively.

What I love most about working at Avanti is that all ideas are welcome, regardless of position or title. It’s a truly collaborative work environment. The leadership team actively seeks input from team members and understands that the more viewpoints presented at the table, the better the outcome for the company. Everyone at Avanti is extremely welcoming and accepting of each other’s unique differences that make us a fun and diverse company.

Meghan Gardiner
Director of Finance

Want to work here?

At Avanti everyone is appreciated. We believe that inclusion drives innovation and we value having a culture where perspectives from all people are heard. We know that embracing inclusion helps us to be better every day as a company and for our clients.

If our values resonate with you and you are looking to work somewhere that you can make a difference, we’d love to hear from you!

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Want to work here?

At Avanti everyone is appreciated. We believe that inclusion drives innovation and we value having a culture where perspectives from all people are heard.

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