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Setting you up for success

The Avanti Implementation Team is here to help make your implementation experience a positive, exciting transition from start to finish.

Quick Guide
Avanti Implementation Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

(In the time zone of your assigned Implementation Team Members.)
The Learning Hub
Avanti's Learning Hub is a great place to explore our products and learn new skills with bite-sized, on-demand videos.
The Avanti Help Centre
Our Help Centre offers helpful information for commonly asked questions and scenarios.

Your HCM Implementation Partner

While finding a good match in a software provider is important, it’s also essential for you to find a partner. Avanti’s team of dedicated implementation experts ensure you have the right expertise and tools to make your implementation an efficient, educational, and rewarding experience.

The tools we use to help you

The Avanti Implementation Team uses a variety of tools to successfully communicate and track progress on your implementation.
Video Conferencing Illustration
Video Conferencing
To help us resolve issues for you, we use trusted video-conferencing for calls and screen shares. This enables us to view problems and find solutions faster.
Project Management with Smartsheet illustration
Project Management
We use Smartsheet project management software for managing, tracking, and collaborating on implementation project timelines.
Help Centre Illustration
Help Centre
Our easy-access self-serve Help Centre is always on hand for straightforward troubleshooting.
Learning Hub Illustration
Learning Hub
This is a great resource for learning all about Avanti product features and functions and how they can benefit you and your team.
What's Your Learning Style?

People learn in different ways, which is why we’re trying to adapt our approach to suit the unique learning styles of you and your team.

Click on the icons to explore core learning styles and share yours in the form below:

Visual Icon
Auditory Icon
Reading & Writing Icon
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Visual learners are better able to retain information when it’s presented in a graphic depiction, such as charts, diagrams, symbols, and more. Visual learners thrive with clear pictures of information hierarchy.
“Aural” learners prefer listening to information vocally. Auditory learners work well in group settings where vocal collaboration is present and benefit from reading aloud to themselves.
Reading & Writing
Focusing on the written word, reading and writing learners succeed with written information on worksheets, presentations, and other text-based resources. These learners are note-takers and perform strongly when they can reference written text.
Kinesthetic learners are hands-on and thrive when engaging their senses in coursework. These learners tend to work well in scientific studies due to the hands-on lab component of the course.

The people behind the screens

Get to know your Avanti Implementation Team

The Avanti Implementation Team has a wide variety of expertise. From engineering, technical, and web/development to accounting majors, CPAs, and MBA grads – we pride ourselves on the diversity of education, experience, and skill set of our team members.

Overall, our team boasts over 40 cumulative years of processing and implementation experience within the payroll industry, in addition to decades of general implementation and project service experience. In terms of experience and expertise, you’ve come to the right team.

Implementation Team Group Illustration

Implementation Team roles:

Manager, Client Implementations - Circle Illustration
Manager, Client Implementations

Our team manager is your go-to for any escalations or feedback on your implementation. They may occasionally pop onto a project call, or send a quick email to check in and see how things are going with your implementation.

Team Lead - Circle Illustration
Team Lead

Our team has several Team Leads who serve as an initial escalation point for you. They also assist our team with roadblocks affecting your project’s progress. They typically help behind the scenes but are available for you to reach out to at any time.

Project Manager - Circle Illustration
Project Manager

Your Project Manager is your go-to person to guide you through your project. They are responsible for organizing all stakeholders on the project and scheduling meetings. They are also responsible for maintaining the project plan and leading weekly status updates to review your project status report, action items, and the weekly plan of attack.

Implementation Consultant - Circle illustration
Implementation Consultant

Your Implementation Consultant will work closely with your team to gain additional context for a successful configuration. They will help guide you through your QA of the configuration, training, scenario (or UAT) testing, and provide support for your parallel and go-live phase until you transition to our wonderful Client Care team.

Internal Implementation Consultant - Circle Illustration
Internal Implementation Consultant

With over a decade of payroll experience, and years of experience working with and for Avanti, our Internal Implementation Consultant is dedicated to providing learning opportunities for our team, troubleshooting projects, and bridging the gap between implementation and product.

Implementation Project Coordinator - Circle Illustration
Implementation Project Coordinator

Our Implementation Project Coordinators guide our new partners and clients through the pre-implementation process and act as a temporary point of contact for questions. They’re also responsible for implementing our HR and Recruiting & Onboarding modules for all our clients.