In-house payroll vs outsourced

Take control of your cash flow and save time. With Avanti, you run payroll on your schedule with no extra fees. We’ve broken down the costs of outsourced payroll to see where you can save.

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 Explore the benefits of in-house payroll

See how in-house payroll processing delivers on flexibility, cost-savings, and increased productivity.

You’re in control

Preparing and processing payroll in-house gives you complete control over one of your organization’s most important jobs – paying your employees. From last-minute cheques to running trial payrolls for accuracy – an in-house self-service model gives you and your team the autonomy and flexibility to run payroll your way.
Save Time

Give yourself more time

With in-house, you get up to 6 more days to finalize payroll each cycle.

In payroll, timing is everything. Some providers require you to have your payroll wrapped up four days in advance, followed by your payment two days in advance. This gives you less time to get your work done every cycle, which is great for your provider but not convenient for you.

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Control your cash flow

Outsourced payroll providers make hundreds of millions on interest from your early payroll deposits.
The interest attached to your cash flow is valuable. When an outsourced payroll provider requires you to submit your remittances days in advance, they profit. When you outsource your remittances, you forego interest income on the amount of your payroll until your employees get paid. Your money ends up in your payroll provider’s pocket. This also ties up company funds that could be deployed elsewhere.

No extra fees
Say goodbye to extra fees

You’re likely paying $500 - $2500 to outsourced payroll providers for errors.

Mistakes happen. Let’s say you need to make an adjustment because you missed a new employee’s pay period. With an outsourced provider, it’s typically too late to make a change, which means paying extra fees to do an off-cycle pay run. With Avanti’s in-house payroll solution, you can run off-cycle pays when you need to at no extra charge, as long as your payment is made by the due date defined by CRA.

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Keep your money in-house with Avanti

Avanti’s in-house payroll puts you in control. By keeping your remittances in house, you’re hanging onto your money longer and saving your organization time and money.

Our simple pricing model is all-in, and all up-front. We charge Per Employee, Per Month (PEPM) which means no hidden fees for you and your team. No additional costs for:

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Creating payroll EFTs

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Tax slips or Web ROEs

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Off-cycle payroll runs

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Electronic pay statements

Benefits of going in-house

See what actual users are saying about the benefits of going in-house with Avanti.

Because Avanti is so efficient at processing payroll, our payroll administrators don’t have to do a whole bunch of data entry anymore. They’re actually able to run the payroll and do some analysis, instead of just running to get it out the door.
Sherri Kisser
Manager of Finance & Accounting Systems for Glacier Media
I’ve used a lot of Canadian Payroll systems. By far, Avanti has the best features and the most flexibility. The fact that Avanti upgrades the system based on recommendations from their client, it’s incredible. Other Payroll software companies just don’t do that.
Candace McGee
Manager, Payroll & Benefits, Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts
Avanti’s payroll system enables us to do our jobs more efficiently, and lets us easily provide information to other stakeholders in the organization.
Carolyn Lesyshen
CPM, Payroll Supervisor for Servus Credit Union
We finally feel like we’re managing our payroll, whereas our old payroll system felt like it was managing us.
Eresha Fernando
CFO, Sawridge
Compared to the other systems I've used, I would recommend Avanti in a heartbeat. It's so nice to be able to do everything on your own.
Melissa Baena
Senior Payroll Specialist for Acera Insurance
I’ve used a lot of Canadian Payroll systems. By far, Avanti has the best features and the most flexibility.
Carolyn Lesyhen
Payroll Supervisor, Servus Credit Union

Explore the Benefits of In-House Payroll

We’d love to (virtually) show you all the wonderful things Avanti can do for your organization and answer any questions you may have. It would be our pleasure.

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