A new year is a time to start fresh. Year-end is almost at the finish line and you’re ready to take on new challenges. If you work in payroll, you probably have a list of objectives you’d like to meet or at least start working on for 2022. When setting resolutions for yourself or your business this year, do it the easy way – break them up into easy to achieve steps. Less pressure gives you more breathing room to move forward the right way. And remember, resolutions are designed as a goal post, if you don’t get to them all this year, there’s always next year.

Payroll goals for 2022

1. Spend less time on manual entry

By setting this as a resolution you can greatly reduce the overall time (and headaches) you spend on repetitive tasks. Are you using an integrated HRIS (human resource information system) solution? If not, it’s probably time. When you streamline your HR, Payroll, and workforce management you enter data once and only once, and it’s shared across all your platforms. No more double entries and wasted time. This uninterrupted data flow reduces redundancy and gives you and your team time back so you can focus on the big picture.

2. Get everyone connected

Do you have a mobile app where employees can complete tasks on the go? If the answer is no, you should be considering one.  With an efficient self-serve app scheduling changes, vacation requests, and pay statements can easily be shared with your team where and when they need it most. By empowering your team to access the information they need, you’re taking work off your plate too – reducing the email threads and phone requests that can suck up hours of your day.

3. Focus on your skills

It’s incredibly important to learn and invest in yourself, and it’s never too late to learn new skills. One skill to focus on is how you use data. The ability to use, manipulate, and contextualize data is becoming more important for payroll pros. Think about how you’re currently using and manipulating data, how you’re building your individual skillset, and translating data into usable insight. Is there room for improvement? Unfortunately, most payroll professionals feel that payroll is a back-office function without a strategic seat at the table, by learning how to smartly use data, you’ll win your seat at the table.

4. Make a move to the cloud

Moving payroll to the cloud will help empower your entire organization. As you know, running payroll is a process that when done manually involves numerous redundant tasks. The automated features offered by cloud-based solutions give you the opportunity to focus on your people. And, as more organizations transition to the cloud, payroll and HR solution providers will have more data to build better products.

5. Increase the recognition of Payroll within your organization

Payroll is key to the success of your organization. For employees to do their best, they need to know they will be paid accurately and on time each pay period. As a result, Payroll performs a critical role in employee relations and engagement. When Payroll runs smoothly and taxes and deductions all are managed perfectly, it can be easy for your management team to overlook saying thank you.

It’s time to make your voice heard. Talk to your leaders about what goals and changes you have in mind for greater efficiency, increased employee engagement, and growth. It’s on you to convince stakeholders of the strategic possibilities payroll can bring to the table.

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Go further in 2022

Start your year off right by exploring the options available to improve your payroll game. By making sure you have the right payroll software and a mobile app to support you, you’ll be all set to flourish in 2022. We can help. Book a demo today to discover more about Avanti.

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