Tell Better Data Stories with Avanti Report Designer

Tell Better Data Stories with Avanti Report Designer

How accessible is your employee data?

A big part of your job is providing key insights to your executive team. Like, when your CFO has questions. Whether they’re curious about annualized pay for all employees, want a year-over-year comparison, or looking for a projection of the business’s bottom line based on a 3% increase—they count on you to provide the numbers and context to answer their questions.

When you have to dig through your data to find the numbers, compile everything into a comprehensive report, and make projections—generating these reports can take up a lot of your time. But with the right tools, you can stay ahead of every request.

You can simplify your reporting process using Avanti’s Report Designer. The tool makes it easy to generate reports with a number of predesigned and custom templates. And the turnaround time is much faster. In a few clicks, your data is organized in ready-to-view reports.

Report Designer is a game changer for busy payroll professionals. It puts you firmly in control of your company’s data and saves you hours of time and effort—freeing you up to find key insights that can make meaningful changes within your organization.

Keep things simple, or customize away

We’ve spent the last four decades listening to and learning from our clients. Getting to know you and how you work is the reason why we’ve developed over 175 pre-configured reporting templates. Each template is designed to help you with a specific need you may have in your day-to-day HR and Payroll Reporting. Our templates—like payroll summaries, time logs, and more—make pulling standard reports less time-consuming and more accessible.

With Report Designer’s preset templates, your reporting options are endless. If you need something more specific to your needs you can design and save your own custom reports, without going back to the drawing board to add new data. Set up a new report, or pull additional data directly into the templated report you’ve set up, and your customized version is ready to go.

“Avanti gives me so much more flexibility. I really own the system. I've created multiple reports inside of Avanti. I don't have to contact somebody when I need a report and it takes me minutes to get the information.”

– Melissa Baena, Senior Payroll Specialist at Acera Insurance

Payroll Reporting

Your employees, your data, your way

With Report Designer, you tell your software what data you’re interested in and let the system do the rest. Avanti’s system applies all relevant data to individual employees so your results are people-centric—giving you a clear look at your workforce, not just numbers. Going beyond the numbers allows you to make informed and strategic decisions about your business and workforce as a whole.

Categories like employee profiles, time cards, contract rates, and training/courses allow you to zero in on exactly what you’re looking for and generate a report that will answer all the questions you need, without getting bogged down in the bigger data picture. Think of it as having all of the power of a magnifying glass—without the hours of scanning.

One of the best things about Report Designer is that we’re always here to provide you with the support you need to get the most of out your software. We’re committed to empowering all of our clients through knowledge sharing and support. From skill-building webinars to sharing helpful tips on how to make your experience better—it’s all about simplifying your work and providing you with the tools you need to support your growth.

How would easier reporting make your day-to-day better?

To learn more about how Avanti can save you time and effort while making your daily operations run smoother, talk to an Avanti expert today.

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