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Hire Faster

Gain efficiency when your HR, recruiting and hiring managers all work from the same platform. Applying for work shouldn’t feel like work. We make every step easy for your applicants.

Create a Great First Impression

Help new hires feel welcome and engaged by providing digital onboarding as soon as they accept their new position.

Increase Productivity

Quickly report on hiring metrics, go paperless with electronic signatures, and automate notifications to keep everyone in the loop throughout the hiring process.

Best Fit Matching

Tools that help surface the very best candidates.

Flexible Journey Mapping

Configure every step of the hiring process to meet your unique needs.

Happy Hiring Managers

Empower hiring managers to submit requisitions, review and provide candidate feedback, and maximize visibility at every stage of the process.

Candidate to Employee in a Click

All candidate information transfers to the employee’s profile, no duplicate entry or interfaces required.

Interactive Welcome

Give all new hires a consistent experience as you introduce them to your company and your culture.

Start with Compliance

New employees complete all required information and sign off electronically on required policies and documents before they arrive for their first day.

Case Study

Avanti combines this convention centre’s payroll administration, talent management, and time tracking into one system.

Even better, it has a completely configurable platform and advanced reporting features to give HR and Payroll more data and control than they ever had previously.

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More effective payroll processing


The cost of previous HR systems

We certainly see efficiencies as far as getting rid of spreadsheets, it’s all in one system now. With Avanti, they program everything with the end user in mind. I think that’s a distinct advantage.

Warren Sawatzky
450 Employees

Single Source of Truth

No more redundant data entry. Hiring, onboarding, scheduling and payroll on a single integrated platform.

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Accelerate Your Hiring

Tools that help you manage candidates from application to offer letter.

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