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From making a great first impression during employee onboarding to guiding their growth, Avanti unifies performance management, document storage, and employee information in one place.

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Help them do their best every day

Create a positive employee experience from day one. From onboarding to performance reviews, our People Management tools help you guide and manage your people with care.

Keep everyone in the know

Stay on top of communications with your people data all in one place. In Avanti, managing documents is easier with automated workflows, notifications, and so much more.

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Automated document workflows

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Digital signatures

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Find critical data in seconds

People Management Software
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Reward, recognize, and empower

Keep your people engaged and excited to grow. Our supportive performance management tools make it easy to set goals, celebrate achievements, and stay connected.

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Track employee progress & accountabilities

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Ensure licenses & certifications are up to date

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Identify opportunities for training & goal setting

People-focused reporting made easy

Access key HR metrics instantly. With Avanti’s Report Designer, you can evaluate workforce performance using one of our 175+ standard reports or create your own at no extra charge.

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Automatically send reports to key stakeholders

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Stay on top of absence management

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Ensure vacation time is being taken

People Management Total Compensation

Empower your team with Self-Service tools

The days of chasing people for information, mailing pay statements, and manual data entry are over. Empower your employees and managers to take control of their information with our self-service tools.

Self-Service People Management benefits

In Avanti Self-Service Portal, managers & employees can:

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Update personal information

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Send documents for electronic signature

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Receive notifications about time off requests, shift approvals, & more

Avanti GO People Management benefits

In the Avanti GO mobile app, managers & employees can:

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Update personal information

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Manage notifications for pay statements

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Get updates for schedule postings, shift swaps & more


What our clients say

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I believe Avanti is the best HR and Payroll solution in the country and it fully supports the needs of the thousands of colleagues that we employ.
Shirley Elliot
Empowering the employees makes for happy employees. People love having information at their fingertips and they get that with Avanti!
Tanya Addison
Payroll Officer, City of Brandon
Implementing a solution with a Self-Service portal is huge for us. It has improved communications and the sharing of information at Nature’s Fare. Employees now have access to answers at their fingertips.
Barb Taylor
Payroll Administrator, Nature’s Fare Markets
Through Avanti's Self-Service Portal, employees have the ability to change their personal information themselves, view their vacation entitlements with ease, and make changes to their own schedules.
Karen Loebach Smith
HR Analyst, Green Shield Canada
Our employees now have access to their pay stubs, T4s, benefit information, and entitlement information online, where they did not have that access before. We have gotten some really positive feedback about being able to access that information so easily.
Amanda Dupuis
Corporate Projects Supervisor, City of Brandon
Employee Self-Service is an excellent tool that helps Payroll by taking some of the inquiries we would normally receive and gives the employees the means to find out the information that they are looking for themselves. Information such as changing their address or accessing a prior year’s T4.
Tanya Addison
Payroll Officer, City of Brandon
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People Management Features

Easily onboard new hires, manage performance, and find critical data all in one place. Avanti streamlines HR processes to help you stay organized and in tune with your team.

Employee Management Features
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Detailed Entitlement Administration

Create formulas that automate complex accrual calculations like vacation time, percentages, sick leave, and other entitlements for salaried and hourly employees.

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Documents & E-Signatures

Make it easy for employees and managers to upload, host, and share documents like offer letters that require signatures, company policies, and more.

Talent Acquisition SoftwareConfetti

Workforce Demographics Dashboard

Gain visibility into your organization’s demographics with pre-defined information on visible minorities, disabilities, etc. Accessible via dashboard.

Payroll Management Reporting & IntegrationsConfetti

Employee Directory

Access and manage all employee contact information, job-related, and personal information in one place.

People Management Personalized ProfileConfetti

Organizational Position Management

Track specific employee roles, access role definitions, pay grade, and more. In Avanti, you can pre-define and define roles and positions by pay grades, job classifications and more.

People Management Employee Document ReviewsConfetti

Robust Employee Profile

Give managers and employees easy access to essential employee data like contact information, skill level, certifications, performance reviews, availability, time-off requests and more.

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Self-Service & Document Management Features
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Avanti Self-Service Portal (ASSP)

In Avanti’s online Self-Service Portal, employees and managers can edit their personal information, send and submit documents for electronic signature, and more.

ASSP HCM Integrations LoginConfetti

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Easily create push notifications for time off requests, shift swap approvals, pay statement notifications and more.

Time Attendance Schedule AppConfetti

Company Property Management

Keep track of company property and equipment shared with your team. When offboarding, you’ll know what needs to come back.

People & Performance ManagementConfetti

Document Manager

Easily distribute and manage employee and company documents like policies or paperwork that require review, a signature, or additional information.

People & Performance ManagementConfetti

Electronic Employee Files

Employees can access and store their personal files, such as performance reviews, employment letters and more through our Self-Service Portal (ASSP).

People & Performance ManagementConfetti
Performance Management Features
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Awards & Recognition

Acknowledge employee achievements as they happen. In Avanti, managers can add internal awards, referral program info, and more to employee profiles. Employees can share notes too!

People Management Personalized ProfileConfetti

Appraisal History

Create a performance review cadence that works for you and your team. Annually, quarterly, it’s up to you.

People Management Employee Document ReviewsConfetti

Training Tracker, Development & Certifications

Internally track employee licenses, education, certifications, and any other qualifications required for their role or related to personal development.

People & Performance ManagementConfetti

Features for people & payroll in Canada

Simplify your work and support your team backed by our full suite of powerful HCM tools and Canadian payroll expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your time is precious, let’s save you a few clicks. Here are some of our most asked questions.

Can I customize workflows for performance reviews, such as salaried employees vs hourly employees?
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Yes! You can have multiple review types with different fields and requirements.

Can I create a report to share with our benefit provider?
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Yes! You can generate a regular report to share with your benefit provider. We can work with you to ensure the report has all the information your benefit provider needs.

During onboarding, can a new hire add an additional bank account?
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No, they can only add one account during onboarding. After onboarding, you can add up to five different bank accounts in Avanti. This is managed by the payroll administrator. Employees are unable to update their own bank accounts at this time.

Can I create an org chart in Avanti?
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You can run a report that provides a breakdown of all the employees in your system.

If an employee doesn't sign a required document, can I block them from Avanti until it’s signed?
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No, you can’t block them from Avanti, but the system will bring them to the required document every time they sign in. You can also set up workflow reminders to encourage them to sign.

Can you control what information people see in Avanti?
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Yes, you can control what information managers and employees have access to through user role assignments and securities.

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