Manage entire employee lifecycles with one single system

Avanti’s People Management module helps you easily manage the employee lifecycle – from onboarding, and profile setup to milestone tracking. Our integrated platform brings your team together, increases efficiency, and improves organizational processes.

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See the big picture at-a-glance with easy access to essential information when you need it.
Avanti’s powerful automation tools ensure your whole team is on the same page.
Access certified, Canadian payroll experts when you need them. Our customer satisfaction rating is 98%.

“Empowering the employees makes for happy employees. People love having information at their fingertips and they get that with Avanti!”

Tanya Addison

Future-proof your people processes with tech that gets… people

Experience the true comfort that comes from managing the entire employee lifecycle with one system. With Avanti on your side, you can access and manage employee information where and when you need to seamlessly and securely.

Centralized employee profile and directory – for you and your team.

With Avanti, you and your employees can see information at-a-glance, which allows you to access essential information quickly and makes it easier for employees to take ownership of their profiles.

  • Ensure accurate profile information
  • Keep up to date with required training and qualifications
  • Easily track/report on employee information like anniversaries or seniority

Automate workflows and notifications

New team member onboarding? Employees requiring specific certifications? Set up alerts and reminders for you and your team so that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Provide online document sign off and attachments for electronic employee files
  • Set reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, or expiry dates
  • Track required licenses or certificates

Enable meaningful conversations

Avanti’s Self-Serve portal features a designated section to house information about employee tenure and performance. This space acts as a hub for one-on-one conversations between HR, managers, and employees – keeping everything accessible and in one place.

  • Easily access employment and performance history
  • Manage awards and recognization
  • Arrange and perform performance management reviews
  • Browse and access one-on-one templates
One Single Source of Truth

So much of your time is spent entering the same information over and over. Put an end to the redundancy with Avanti’s all-in-one system. Pulling all of your data from a single source of truth seamlessly combines your payroll, time, and HR data – saving you time, effort and money.

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