Level up by combining your payroll and time solutions

Your time is precious and every penny counts. Avanti’s all-one-one HCM software is built to make complex scheduling, payroll, and budget planning a breeze.

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Get streamlined workflows that can handle the most complex situations, plus complete visibility over your workforce
Seamlessly sync Time and Attendance with your payroll to guarantee your employees are paid for the time they work.
Access certified, Canadian payroll experts when you need them. Our customer satisfaction rating is 98%.

“A VP told me how much time the attendance calendar is saving him – we have put solutions in place that make it easy for our team to manage things like vacation so their time can be devoted to other important tasks.”

Athina Tzakas 

Avanti simplifies your workforce management processes

With employee time and attendance data all in one place, you’ll save time and money, all while taking your scheduling to a whole new level of efficiency.

See the big picture (no matter how complex)

Stay on track with labour costs, scheduling, and your budget, with real-time visibility and control over your data.

  • Configurable for complex Canadian labour environments
  • Stay on budget with tools that flag unusually high costs
  • Easily employ punch rules, holiday rules, overtime rules, and more

Instantly sync employee time data to your payroll system with Clock Connect

With Avanti’s Clock Connect service, we notify you within 30 seconds of employees clocking in and out. Plus, clock punches are instantly reflected on your backend system without manual data entry.

  • Works seamlessly with Avanti Go and our full cloud-based product suite
  • Built with enhanced security and data encryption
  • More efficient and reliable with advanced automation options

Get faster, easier, and more cost-effective scheduling with automation rules

Our robust software is the best way to manage all the complexity that comes along with managing multiple schedules, groups of employees, and different jurisdictions.

  • Configurable rules – including punch, holiday, overtime – for different groups of employees
  • Managers and employees can swap, post, or pick up shifts online with the Self-Serve Portal or Avanti Go
  • Handle multiple groups of employees with diverse work parameters
One Single Source of Truth

So much of your time is spent entering the same information over and over. Put an end to the redundancy with Avanti’s all-in-one system. Pulling all of your data from a single source of truth seamlessly combines your payroll, time, and HR data – saving you time, effort and money.

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