Integrated vs singular payroll & HR systems

Separate HR tools cost your organization time and money. Avanti's integrated HCM combines your critical payroll and HR processes to save you money, increase productivity, and make your work, less work.

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Integrated HCM matters more than you think

It may seem like you're getting a good deal on standalone HR solutions. They're often cheap and easy to use, but are they solving challenges or adding to them?

Separate HR Systems

Juggling multiple tools

Each HR system you have represents a separate database that doesn't connect to the others. They may pass limited data from one to the other, but they aren't truly integrated.

You're missing out on countless opportunities to simplify and streamline your core payroll and HR processes, along with a host of other challenges like:


Limited reporting & insights


Time-consuming, manual tasks


Costs quickly add up with multiple vendors

Managing one integrated payroll & HR solution

With an integrated HCM, you don't have to deal with these challenges. Your payroll, time & attendance, HR, and talent acquisition features are fully integrated to save your team time and money.

All your data flows seamlessly from one module to the next, enabling you to automate time-consuming processes and access actionable insights in seconds, not hours:

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Unified reporting & insights

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Powerful workflows & automation

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Lower costs and less risk

Canadian payroll software

Save time & money with an integrated payroll & HR platform

An integrated HCM has everything you need to manage your employees from hire to retire at a more affordable cost than separate systems. On top of that, there are countless benefits that come with a single integrated system.
Save Time

Reduce repetitive manual tasks

A lot of HR and payroll errors are the result of manually adding and updating information in multiple systems. With an integrated solution, your HR, payroll, and workforce management systems are streamlined – enter data once and only once, and it’s available across the entire system. An integrated platform is your best bet for reducing errors and maintaining accuracy.

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Reduce your cost per employee

Every HR system you use has a cost per employee, and those costs can quickly add up if you have separate solutions for payroll, HR, time & attendance, and recruiting.

An integrated HCM like Avanti uses a simple pricing model that’s all-in and up-front. We charge per employee, per month (PEPM) which means no hidden fees for you and your team. You get all the same features in your standalone systems at a much cheaper price point. Our full suite gives you access to:

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Canadian payroll & benefits

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Robust time & attendance

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HR, recruiting & onboarding

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Easy-to-use employee self-service tools

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Powerful automation & reporting

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Ensure compliance & security

A single system helps you better manage employee access and permissions, ensuring the right people in your organization have access to the right information. An integrated HCM is your single source of truth – all your data is in one place so you can easily meet internal and external audit requirements.

Instead of juggling multiple vendors with their own data security and privacy policies, you only have to think about one. Your data is securely stored in a single database to reduce the threat of security breaches and unauthorized access.

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More visibility & better reporting

With an integrated HCM solution, you don’t need to spend hours exporting data from multiple systems to manually build reports. Instead, you can easily run and create comprehensive reports in minutes, not hours. The combined database lets you skip the hassle of scouring data from separate systems and access valuable insights on everything from payroll reconciliation to labour costs to workforce management trends.

Benefits of an integrated solution

See what actual users are saying about the benefits of an integrated HCM like Avanti.

Before Avanti, we had a separate payroll function and many HR tasks were done manually. Avanti’s HCM has enabled us to go digital and has driven significant operational efficiencies.
Margaret Bailey
Assistant Manager, Systems & Applications Analyst
We've been able to automate a ton of stuff that we had to key into the systems before...When we were using the old systems on a payroll processing week, it took us four days. Now, it takes us only two.
Candace McGee
Manager, Payroll & Benefits
We can now use Avanti’s web timesheets to do final pay, so we don’t have to email managers to ask them where their paper time sheets are anymore. It makes everything much faster than before.
Carolyn Lesyshen
CPM, Payroll Supervisor

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