The Benefits of an Automated Time and Attendance Solution

The Benefits of an Automated Time and Attendance Solution

Time & attendance: Then and now

In the industrial age, tracking employee attendance and punctuality became necessary to protect employee compensation and record accurate hours.

Employee timekeeping procedures have come a long way since their inception in 1888. Thankfully, the age of mechanical time recorders has come and gone, but the act of timekeeping has remained (we still use time clocks), albeit significantly improved.

Nowadays, modern organizations use timekeeping software to capture employee hours. Most payroll professionals rely on their HCM solution – integrated with their time and attendance system – to help them improve productivity by determining the amount of time dedicated to specific tasks.

But not all industries are there yet, which begs the question, why?

Still tracking time manually? How’s that working for you?

If you haven’t moved on from manual time and attendance methods, we’re here to convince you – it’s time. Out with the old, in with increased efficiency!

Relying on an independent manual system to record employee punch-in and punch-out times is time-consuming for both you and your employees. Not only laborious, but like old-school time sheets, manual systems are prone to mistakes, whereas an automatic process holds you accountable for inaccurate data or mismanaged tasks. To err is human, so why not get the benefits of automation on your side?

“It takes much less time now in Avanti than it did in the previous system. I’m not having to enter the data twice anymore or double-check the reports that are coming in from the managers. It cuts the time it takes to do our payroll by half.”
Avanti Client, Payroll & HR Administrator at a Canadian Event & Conference Centre

If you’re thinking of investing in a standalone time tracking tool, think again. Payroll is much easier when your HCM solution is integrated with your software-based time and attendance system. Automating timekeeping tasks means you can manage employee schedules, leave, benefits, and vacation hours faster and with more accuracy.

And it doesn’t matter what type of business you are. If you’re using a cloud-based timekeeping solution, you get flexibility for your changing needs, from mass layoffs and rehiring to managing a remote workforce. In today’s business landscape, versatility helps you to future-proof your organization’s operations.

The benefits of adopting a digital time tracking solution

1. Save time and minimize errors

Human errors are bound to happen, but when it comes to something like compensation, you need accuracy. With data routinely flowing from time clocks to your time tracking software and into payroll, a software time and attendance system reduces mistakes.

Additionally, automation speeds up your payroll processes for tasks like approving vacations and shift swaps. By having all your data in one place, you save valuable time.

Your employees get a better experience too. Filling out paper timesheets, uploading them manually, waiting for approval, then awaiting compensation is lengthy and time-consuming. Why not accelerate that process for both parties?

A solid software solution optimizes productivity all-around.

2. Increased security

Protecting your data is vital. The right software solution ensures your information is encrypted in the back-and-forth between time clocks and time tracking software. Even if systems go offline, your data is being collected and stored with its integrity preserved.  

Biometric identification has introduced a new level of security to your employee time clocks – and scanning for fingers, faces, or eyes is effective and quick. If you’re worried about inaccurate attendance data, or employees resorting to buddy punching, this is a great preventative tool.

3. Seamless integration

Connecting time clocks to your employee timekeeping software streamlines the entire process, from punch-in, to payroll, and finance. Since the back-and-forth of data flow happens in real-time, a seamless integration of the two is important. Time tracking software is designed to be configurable and easy to integrate, so accessing information from either end is painless – and you’ll also be able to track from any device your software is installed, making it that much more convenient.

4. Ease and accuracy

Once you go cloud, you never go back.

With your time and attendance system optimized and integrated with payroll and finance, monitoring your employees’ schedules and wages is straightforward and easy. With the extra time on your hands, the insights gained from tracking time can help you make data-backed decisions to improve your workforce from the inside. The transparency into time spent on different work processes can serve as a tool to help prioritize tasks.

Ideally, your cloud-based timekeeping software is equipped with self-serve options for employees, giving them the ability to request time off, swap shifts, or check compensation on their own. Any changes employees make will automatically transfer to your backend systems – no manual entry or haggling with HR required. Improved user experience and flexibility – what’s not to like?

There’s a lot to appreciate in employee timekeeping software – the next step is putting it into effect in your organization and realizing the benefits.

“Due to the nature of our business, the biggest time saver has been the attendance calendar and the ability to request and approve vacation in real-time. Our managers/executives are very mobile – this process alleviates much of the paper flow and ensures that confirmation of requests is immediate.”
Avanti Client, Athina Tzakas, Payroll Manager at Pfaff Auto

Introducing Avanti’s Clock Connect

If you’re searching for the perfect software-based time and attendance system, look no further. Avanti’s Clock Connect is an efficient, reliable, and dynamic tool, available with our full cloud-based product suite. It’s got all the features we’ve discussed, and then some:

  • Instant: Sync your employee time data to your payroll system in an instant
  • Real-time: Avanti updates immediately in reaction to changes to your clocks – clock punches are reflected swiftly, so your time cards always contain up-to-date information
  • Convenient: Changes you make in Avanti will automatically flow to your clocks within 30 seconds – so they’re always aligned
  • Modern: Clock Connect supports the latest biometric clocks
  • Ultra-secure: Built with security in mind, information flow between your clocks and Avanti is fully encrypted

Want to start experiencing the benefits of Clock Connect in your workplace?

Avanti’s all-in-one HCM software is built to make complex scheduling and payroll work hand in hand.

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