In 2020, many organizations were thrust into the world of remote work. It was a scramble for businesses to get all their systems set up and all their ducks in a row, which is why it isn’t surprising that for some, culture and collaboration took a back seat. Hopefully, you now have a handle on all things remote, but how’s the strength and health of your team? For those of you still facing the challenge of managing an online workforce while maintaining culture, here are a few guidelines to ensure you and your team are on the right track.

1. Ensure people are supported

It’s important to make sure your team members don’t feel like they’re doing this all on their own and that you have their back. Consistent communication is essential when building a strong remote culture. Beyond weekly meetings or daily scrums, managers should perform regular check-ins with individuals to make sure they’re doing okay.

2. Clearly communicate organizational values & vision

It’s easier to create a strong remote culture if everyone understands the company’s vision. People need a reminder of the importance of what they’re doing and who they’re working with. Clearly expressing your values and your vision builds unity and gives everyone a purpose to move forward.

3. State your work policies

Does everyone know what’s expected from them? Words like flexible, remote, and autonomy mean different things to different people. It's up to you to make sure everyone understands what their hours are, what flexibility they have for appointments, events, and even childcare. This is an important factor for applicants too, be sure to include your policies in your job descriptions.

4. Organize routine team meetings

Having regular sync-ups for your team members is crucial in breaking down barriers and improving communication. With remote work, it’s easy to become isolated without in-person interaction. By having consistent meetings where employees engage in work and non-work-related chats, people will be more comfortable with one another, leading to a stronger culture.

5. Keep everyone in the loop

It may not always be easy to do, but having regularly scheduled organization-wide meetings is an excellent way to build a culture of transparency and inclusivity. At Avanti, we hold a weekly meeting called Thrive Thursdays, where everyone in the company attends (via Zoom) to hear the latest from our Co-CEOs, to get to know team members, and to get the scoop on what initiatives different departments are working on.

6. Make sure you’re recognizing good work

While working remotely it’s important for your employees to feel valued and recognized for all their hard work. If you don’t already have one, you definitely want to build some sort of recognition platform to keep the accolades flowing. Having someone on their team express kudos for their work makes employees feel like they matter and builds loyalty.

7. Get the right collaborative tools

Tools can take a minute to set up on your system and within your teams, but once everyone is on the same page, they make all the difference to the function and happiness of your employees. Tools like Slack or Teams help everyone stay connected, and there are so many more for getting work done, like Miro, Trello, InVision, Confluence, Hubspot, Click-up, Asana, and more.

8. Create an online Social Club

At Avanti, we have a Social Committee dedicated to creating great virtual experiences. From stretch-break reminders to online holiday parties or trivia contests – having an outlet for fun is still crucial in maintaining a happy and healthy team.

9. Break down barriers

It’s really easy to for people stay siloed in their departments, focusing solely on their team’s own challenges. That’s why it's necessary to tear down those walls and open the lines of communication. With our weekly meeting Coffee Buddies, Avantians get an opportunity to meet up with colleagues virtually to get to know them and their work.

Join a strong remote culture

At Avanti, we’re focused on the health and growth of our employees. We’re currently hiring for a variety of positions.

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