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Avanti Software is proud to announce that we have officially signed the Declaration for Payroll. Offered through the National Payroll Institute, the Declaration for Payroll is comprised of a set of eight principles that, combined, help organizations manage payroll with the professionalism that employees deserve.

These eight principles include:

  1. Accuracy: Aiming to provide accurate pay in accordance with current legislation and agreed upon conditions and stipulations of  any employment or contract agreements
  2. Timeliness: Striving to ensure pay is delivered on time, according to regularly scheduled pay dates or other defined timeframes, as stated in established employment agreements or contracts
  3. Transparency: Being transparent with employees regarding their pay, benefits and deductions. Information on these topics should be easily accessible and unambiguous. Employees/contractors should receive communications in clear, plain language, and be entitled to ask questions and receive honest answers and explanations delivered in good faith
  4. Security: Ensuring that any personal information required for payroll processing is handled securely, and that confidential or sensitive information or property is protected and stored
  5. Equity: Engaging in fair and equitable pay practices that do not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, age, race, disability, national or ethnic origin, religion, language, sexual orientation, or any other protected grounds
  6. Compliance: Striving to uphold compliance with all applicable legal requirements, legislation, and regulations
  7. Disclosure: Providing disclosure to employees/contractors, at the earliest opportunity, of changes, errors or discrepancies related to their pay. Any pay discrepancies should be resolved as quickly as possible, while ensuring all other payroll rights are upheld, following disclosure
  8. Professionalism: Ensuring that pay is managed with the utmost professionalism, by those who possess the skills, competencies, and expertise required to earn the confidence and trust of workers and organizations

In signing the declaration, Avanti has committed to upholding these principles when it comes to delivering employees' hard-earned pay. We are also emphatically demonstrating that we are a leader and are doing what is necessary to be a trusted employer. One that cares about our employees and delivers on the covenant that is at the heart of every employment agreement: being paid accurately and on time in exchange for hard work and talent.

Payroll is at the heart of every business

Employees want to be paid accurately and on time. This is the central covenant of the employer-employee relationship, and no matter what perks and benefits are layered on top, if payroll breaks down, the relationship breaks down.

91% of Canadian workers would look for a new job if their pay was regularly inaccurate

In fact, a study of working Canadians, conducted by Angus Reid for the National Payroll Institute, shows that 94% agree that they would look for a new job if their pay was regularly delayed, and 91% agree that they would look for a new job if their pay was regularly inaccurate. This highlights a critical area of opportunity that employers can’t afford to ignore: the importance of professional payroll.

“It’s clear that payroll is at the core of business operations and is the foundation on which employee relationships, engagement and productivity are built,” says Peter Tzanetakis, President of the National Payroll Institute. “In an environment where employers are jumping through incredible hoops to elevate their brand and show candidates they are a great place to work, it’s a missed opportunity to not proudly talk about the effort that goes into an organization’s payroll practices.”

Reliable payroll is non-negotiable

Employees have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing where they want to work. Organizations are working hard to keep great talent, and are raising the bar to ensure they are a company employees enjoy working for. They understand when payroll is handled incorrectly, employee engagement and productivity breaks down, and they’re at risk of losing good people.

We know that payroll is vital. Every working Canadian depends on the professional delivery of payroll by their employer to manage their expenses, plan for the future and enjoy their free time.

Early signatory

Avanti was proud to be among the very first organizations to sign the declaration and show true leadership by supporting payroll professionalism in Canada.

“It’s great to see such upstanding organizations who employ so many Canadians sign on to the Declaration for Payroll, pre-launch,” continues Tzanetakis. “It goes to show that the value and importance of payroll is felt by the leaders in a variety of sectors, and we’re thrilled to open this opportunity to the rest of the business community as well.”

Show your commitment

In an environment where employers are looking to stand out, The Declaration for Payroll provides an opportunity to stand behind what really matters to employees—their pay. For more information about the Declaration for Payroll and to sign on, visit www.payroll.ca/declaration.

About the National Payroll Institute

The National Payroll Institute champions payroll in Canada as being vital to the health of businesses across Canada by setting THE professional standard of excellence and sharing critical expertise. We provide the knowledge and resources that more than 40,000 payroll professionals need to realize their potential, 1.5 million employers depend on for the annual payment of $1.06 trillion in wages and taxable benefits, and that governments rely on to receive $364 billion in statutory remittances to fund critical programs each year. The Institute's designations are recognized as the gold standard for expertise and professionalism, and the only such designations for payroll in Canada.

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