Fall 2021 Release: What’s new with the Avanti Experience

Fall 2021 Release: What’s new with the Avanti Experience

Our new features are here! Avanti’s product team is always on the go building new features and functionality to help you with your work day. If you’re interested in what’s new and fresh from Avanti, here’s a quick look at our latest release highlights for our SaaS clients.

Compensation View

Take the guesswork out of your employee’s pay statements with our new Compensation View. Employees now have an intuitive, interactive view of their past pays within the Avanti self-service portal (ASSP).

Each payday, employees will see a summary and breakdown of their pay, including all deductions, benefits for the pay period, and the year to date. The new view will not change your employee’s ability to download and print a PDF with their current pay statement format.

Compensation View
Compensation view in Avanti 10.02

Employee Job Offers

Internal promotions just got way easier. Now you can send Job Offers to employees being promoted within your company! Employees can find their job offer in Document Review on the Avanti Self-Service Portal, then accept or reject the offer. Once they respond, your hiring manager can immediately view the employee’s response with any comments they have in Applicant Management.

Employee Job Offers
Employee Job Offers screen in Avanti 10.02

New API Endpoints

We’ve added new endpoints to our API so you can build integrations to keep your essential platforms aligned.

With Add, Update, and Delete GL Account Segments you can unify the GL accounts in your accounting system and Avanti by creating an integration with these three new endpoints.

Are you using a third party to gather employee time? Avanti’s new Add Time Data Entries endpoint allows you to bring the time employees worked into Avanti. Once the time is added, Avanti’s holiday and overtime rules can adjust the employee’s time.

Additional resources

Is your HRIS system meeting your needs? Here’s some additional reading on making the switch to a new platform:

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