Meet Siobhan Langille

She’s sweet and hilarious, and it’s her time to shine. Take a break and get to know Siobhan!

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Meet Siobhan Langille

It’s Break Time with Avanti!

We want you! (to get to know the people who make up our talented team). Join us for a quick glimpse into the world of Avantians – what they do, what they value, and whatever sneaky thing we could get them to reveal.

Meet: Siobhan Langille, Sales Enablement Specialist

Siobhan kicked off her career in sales, gaining experience cold-calling and prospecting at different companies until she joined Avanti as a Sales Development Representative. With her drive and determination, Siobhan soon transformed her role into that of a Sales Enablement Specialist, bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales at Avanti.

Siobhan Langille
Find Siobhan anywhere in the mountains or near the water – bonus points if there are both!

7 questions with Siobhan

You recently trained two of our newest SDRs. As your first time doing so, what did you find the most rewarding and the most challenging about that experience?

Our two amazing rock stars have just been killing it since they started – seeing my training pay off is so rewarding. The hard thing for me was walking into this experience having never on-boarded anyone before, so the only thing I could do to prepare was looking back and reflecting on my own onboarding experience at Avanti, and recognizing what was great, what I needed and didn't have, and just building from there. By no means is our onboarding perfect right now, but the SDRs have provided a lot of great feedback along the way and it was a very open, transparent process. It was a learning curve, definitely, but a really cool experience.

What’s something unique about working at Avanti?

Definitely the leadership. During my interview process, I got to meet with one of our co-CEOs, Amin. It was one of the most laidback conversations I’ve ever had with any C-suite member – the thing about Avanti is that they want to make you feel powerful. One of the things he told me was ‘you don’t work for me, I work for you’. Having a CEO tell you that you’re all on one lateral team, that everyone’s on the same page, that everyone’s work has the same level of impact is so cool to hear.

What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned while working at Avanti?

The value of teamwork and asking for help. As a smaller-sized company, everyone knows everyone. I’m used to being on the Sales team and only relying on my direct team members, but at Avanti they really push you to get to know everyone in every department. Getting out of your comfort zone and learning beyond just sales strategies and experiencing things out of your day-to-day duties are all encouraged.

How does Avanti’s work culture affect your personal work performance?

It definitely impacts it in the most positive way. Our SLT (Senior Leadership Team) does an excellent job at making me feel valuable, and more than just a number on their payroll. Knowing that they trust me and my experience, pushes me to deliver more than I would originally – it makes me feel like I’m an absolute powerhouse. The culture Avanti breeds in terms of teamwork and cohesiveness pushes me to basically haul ass everyday, and make sure I’m performing to 100%.

What’s your favourite Avanti event?

I started when everything was virtual, so I never experienced the in-person Avanti events. But AvantiCon was really cool to me. It’s kind of like a big reset, we put our tasks aside and just hang out with the whole company. We have discussions, talk about what happened in the previous year, set and strategize new goals, do team building activities. It’s a fun little party!

What’s your work pet peeve?

I’m an extrovert and I always want to be around people. I’m actually most productive when I’m around people, even if I’m not actually talking to them but just being surrounded by people with my headphones in puts me in the zone. Working from home has been a huge adjustment, and it's my biggest pet peeve.

Would you rather: all the tacos you eat never fall apart when you bite them, or when you eat a burger the contents never fall out the back?

Taco, 100%. Because if a burger falls apart, you just wasted a whole meal. Also, side note, I just don’t really love burgers.

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