The Nonprofit Payroll Challenges You Need to Solve this Year

The Nonprofit Payroll Challenges You Need to Solve this Year

How to Transcend Benevolence to the Bottom-Line

As a non-profit organization, you strive to make a positive change in your community. Whether that be through medical care, leisure, filling skills gaps, education, or welfare, you set out to create a better community for your fellow Canadians.

What plays a big part in effectuating that change? People.

You hire staff and coordinate with volunteers to work with people around your community to make a social, environmental, or economic change.

Every staff member and volunteer are part of your organization’s people management success. But, are you effectively finding ways to pay, develop, and manage your people to drive that change?

It’s no easy task when it comes to managing a nonprofit’s Payroll & HR. You must provide accurate information to donors, boards, or funders, and demonstrate that you are fulfilling your mission and goals with the funds received.

You are tasked with tracking employees and volunteer hours and must coordinate the schedules of all staff and volunteers. As a result, there’s a lot of complexity when it comes to scheduling, nonprofit payroll management and reporting requirements.

All of which can make it difficult to spot any discrepancies in payroll and accounting. As a non-profit organization, payroll related expenses can be as much as 75% of your total operating budget.

But what can you do to reduce this number, and start to easily collect and report on the data needed to back up all the good that you do?

Automate Time Tracking for Employees and Volunteers

Are you still tracking everything in one standalone time tracking and scheduling system for your nonprofit? Worse yet, are you tracking everything in spreadsheets?!

Manually entering staff and volunteer hours can take a significant amount of time each day. Yet tracking each member’s hours is a vital component for non-profit organizations.

A time tracking system provides insight into the number of hours staff and volunteers are working for your nonprofit. This helps understand the cost of performing certain types of work or functions.

By automating time tracking, it will reduce the amount of time spent manual entering data and create faster payroll processing times. It will also empower you to create a more accurate budget and forecast how much time and effort it will take to deliver on your commitments to your members or donors.

How the Right Tech Can Help Your Nonprofit

Easily track seniority based on hours when it comes to full-time and part-time employees! Automate thresholds to track hours worked to ensure accurate reporting. But don’t stop there! Move away from manual entry on pay rate changes and automate these to reduce the time taken on entering the multiple positions and pay rates.

Flexible Scheduling for Nonprofits

Managing schedules for full-time employees, part-time employees, and volunteers can be a complex task. Without a proper scheduling software, it can be difficult to schedule and manage each member of your team with all the unique schedule requirements of non-profits.

When you can create a flexible schedule it will allow you to have full control over the tools necessary to make any last-minute changes. To do this, have an online schedule where members of your team can easily access it, where their schedule is readily available with changes happening in real time.

How the Right Tech Can Help Your Nonprofit

With the right technology, you can automate your employees and volunteer staff vacation hours! This will make it easy for you and your managers to know exactly who to schedule.

Payroll Reporting can be a Game Changer for Nonprofits

At a moment’s notice you may find yourself scrambling to put together a report for your directors, funders, or regulatory agencies. But it shouldn’t be this difficult. Through automating your software, you will be able to easily and accurately provide information- without the last-minute panic.

Create your own reports by combining information from all areas that matter most to you. As reporting on government funding, other non-profit organizations donations, or unions is an essential task for nonprofits.

Having the ability to pull the reporting you want, will be a gamechanger. It will be fast way to gather all the necessary data, without the extra costs and back and fourth between departments.

How the Right Tech Can Help Your Nonprofit

With an integrated system and reporting capabilities, you can easily share information internally and externally! As a nonprofit, you strive to create positive sustainable change in your community. Having information readily available will give you more time to focus on doing good.

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