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Exciting things are happening at Avanti. We’re reimagining our entire experience and working on it as we speak.

Unlike most product redesigns we won’t be launching it with a bang. It’s going to be more of a marathon with plenty of fantastic new features, modern design and improved functionality – all happening within 2021 and beyond.

Improving on a good thing

We’ve been in the business of Canadian payroll and workforce management for over 40 years. In the past four decades we’ve gone through many iterations of our experience, updated with every legislative change, and innovated at every step. That’s who we are and that’s how we’ll stay.

With the release of new features and design we’re staying true to quality over quantity, smart over fast. Our logic hasn’t changed, but our approach has. With thousands of daily users, we’re keeping the tools our clients know and love fully operational. Our plan is to introduce new features in-product with helpful guided tours and intuitive design.

Our product design principles

It's our goal to take everything you know and love about Avanti and make it better. Keeping your needs in mind, we use the following design principles to innovate and improve.


Avanti tools should be easy to use with minimal training required.


Tasks within Avanti should be completed with as few steps and screens as possible.


After completing a task, you should be able to easily remember how to do it all over again.

Error Friendly

Everybody makes mistakes, we want to make it easy for you to get back on track if your run into any issues.


We want your experiences with Avanti to inspire great work through clarity, simplicity, and appealing design.

Why the change?

To be blunt, it’s time for our look to reflect the leading innovation we’re bringing to the industry. Like any renovation project, we decided that if we were going to be improving our function, our design also needed to evolve.  

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come

In-product new experience tours

See what’s new and try out new features with easy-to-use product tours and tool tips.  

Modernized design and layout

We’re taking a close look at design across the entire customer journey and improving the look and feel of your Avanti experience.

New, easy-to-use menus

We’re making it clearer for you to find what you need faster.

Employee directory

We've reformatted how employee information is laid out in our web experience, so you can view, edit and even delete more intuitively.

Improved accessibility

We’re making our product more inclusive to a wider range of abilities, including accommodations for blindness and low vision.

Responsive design

Experience your Avanti tools the best way no matter what device you’re on. We’re working on creating dynamic content, optimized text and images to enhance usability.