You’ve probably been wondering when the day would come – the day you go back to the office after working from home during a pandemic. It’s been on everybody’s mind.

COVID-19 has significantly altered the way we work and live, and for the foreseeable future, it looks like many of these changes are here to stay.

Change in the workplace can be hard, especially if you’re not used to it. For freelancers, consultants and those already accustomed to working remotely, working from home hasn’t changed life too dramatically.

For the folks who have gone into the office and worked an 8-hour shift for their entire career, it’s another story. Some have adjusted, some are missing the change of scenery, and many are missing the solitude of their commute. Not the commute itself mind you, just the solitude.

And now, everybody is talking about going back – to work, to school. The question is: Are you ready to go back? If so, are you ready for more change? The office you left will most likely not be the office your return to, no matter how hard your company tries to soften the blow. This is where the most necessary skills you need in a pandemic (and life) come into play. In order to thrive in today’s fast-changing work environments, you’re going to need to be flexible and adaptable.

At Avanti, we’re gearing up for 50% office capacity once the Alberta government moves into Stage 3 of the relaunch strategy. It’s not mandatory. It’s only for the people who want to be back in the office. We have an action plan ready for our office relaunch – feel free to use these guidelines for your space if you haven’t already developed your own:

Avanti’s Return to the Office Action Plan

  • Maximum Daily Occupancy – 50% capacity (for us, that’s 35 people in our Calgary office).
  • Track Who’s in the Office – To ensure we don’t surpass our max occupancy, team members will need to report which days they plan to be in the office. The cool thing is we can use our own software to track it.
  • Masks are Mandatory – Not when seated at your desk, but everywhere else, including the bistro, bathrooms, common areas and elevators etc.
  • The Bistro is Closed – No eating in the lunchroom. Access to the refrigerators, microwaves, coffee/water, one dishwasher, and mugs/plates/cutlery will be available.
  • Meeting Rooms and Privacy Rooms are Closed – It’s Zoom time!
  • Directional Signage and Social Distancing – One-way corridors and spacing indicators will be in effect.
  • Stock up on Supplies – Avanti will be providing the team with reusable masks, disposable masks, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, plexiglass shields and sanitation stations throughout the office.
  • No Visitors or Guests – We hope to see you soon, but for now only Avantians are permitted on site.
  • Increased Cleaning –More cleaning, cleaning more. We’re working with our building to make sure everything is consistently deep cleaned.

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The new normal is a new opportunity

As strange as this new normal may be, this is a great opportunity for businesses to build a future-ready workforce. It’s the perfect time to improve the collaboration skills of your team, find the technological solutions that work on- and off-site, and develop practices that improve employee well-being and extend culture remotely.As it stands, the future is shaping up to be increasingly digital, remote-friendly, and perhaps, even remote-first. As people shift back to the office, it’s key to find the strengths and opportunities in all work environments to increase your organizational resiliency for years to come.