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Financial support for people impacted by COVID-19


Complimentary personal financial consultancy

Various Sources

Short-term financial tips for COVID-19

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada / Various Sources

COVID-19: Managing financial health in challenging times

Personal Budget

Government of Canada

A budget is the foundation of well-being. It’s a simple and highly effective way of making sure you live within your means, and allows you to have control over your finances and build up your savings. FCAC’s online budget planner can get you started

Credit Counselling & Debt Management


KOFE is a web-based financial education center, set up exclusively for our Jamat through Consolidated Credit Counselling Services of Canada, a nationally accredited non-profit organization. Register for free – only username and email required.

Ask a Financial Coach (English-French-Farsi-Dari-Arabic)

  • For tailored solutions to get out of debt
  • Am I ready to purchase a home?
  • How do I make a budget?
  • Get answers to your financial questions
  • Private & Confidential

Contact your qualified financial coach today for free. Access all the free services, various tools and calculators, a variety of educational resources like interactive courses, informative videos, publications and webinars to help you build a strong financial future. Toll-free number (844) 329-3834

Financial Education

Credit Dojo

This series is designed to help you grasp basic financial concepts. It covers 16 key financial topics, giving you the basic facts you need to understand each concept so you can manage your financial world with more confidence.

McGill University

Invest a few hours in this free, online course and you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to make a lifetime of smart financial decisions. Taught by professors from McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management, the course is open to everyone.

Ontario Securities Commission

Simplify all your calculations