How this Convention Centre Uses Avanti to Reduce Costs and Double their Payroll Efficiency

A Case Study on Integrating Canadian Payroll Software and Time Tracking


More effective payroll processing


The cost of previous HR systems

It takes much less time now in Avanti than it did in the previous system. I’m not having to enter the data twice anymore or double-check the reports that are coming in from the managers. It cuts the time it takes to do our payroll by half.

Carol Emms
450 Employees
Convention Center, Winnipeg

The People Management Challenge: Two HR systems causing problems across multiple departments

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, there’s a large convention centre with multiple unions, varying wage allocations, and complex scheduling requirements.

It takes more than just a great team to keep track of all these different elements, it also takes some great systems and processes.

Unfortunately, according to Warren Sawatzky, HR Director, these systems and processes were in need of a major update.

Not only was their team using separate programs for their payroll processing and employee time tracking, they were also having to manually keep track of additional information like vacations and sick leave on separate spreadsheets.

The process made life more difficult for everyone on the team. From the Controller to their Payroll Administrator, and all the way to IT.

Their people management challenges were multi-departmental.

We were starting to see cracks in the functionality of the software and how the two systems spoke to each other… it was cumbersome, time consuming, and increased the chance for human error.

Warren Sawatzky
HR Director

The Avanti Solution: All-in-one people management for Canadian payroll, HR, and time tracking

The team researched many different HRIS systems. None of them impressed them as much as Avanti, the HRIS made for Canadian organizations.

Avanti combines their Canadian payroll administration and employee time tracking into one system.

Avanti is the single source of truth for their people management data. Even better, according to Matthew Wedlake, the Controller, it had a completely configurable platform with advanced reporting features to give them more data and control than they ever had previously.

Now, the team runs a payroll report whenever they needed to. They can even make changes, adjustments, and edits to the system on the fly.

We liked how easy it was to configure the software. The ability to run reports whenever we needed them was something that really caught our attention.

Matthew Wedlake

The Super Results: 2X more efficient payroll processing at 1/3 the cost

For this Superhero Team, the most important result has been streamlining their outdated systems and processes using Avanti.

With Avanti, all of their payroll, HR, and scheduling data is in one place.

They no longer need to keep track of additional employee information on spreadsheets. And whereas before it could take up to four days to process the company payroll, Carol Emms, Payroll & HR Administrator, says they can now complete it twice as fast.

Every member of the team says Avanti has helped them in their roles.

They’re all looking forward to seeing what other efficiencies they can discover using the software.


More effective payroll processing


The cost of previous HR systems

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