Phase 2


This is where we get it done! In this stage, we’ll guide you through what we need from you, including how to backup your database and complete thorough testing to get you up and running on the cloud.

Who is included in Phase 2?

This stage is primarily technical, however, it’s important that your main point of contact stays engaged in the process.

Your Team Members

Avanti Team Member

Main Point of Contact
To lead the project and gather all necessary information and materials
Avanti Project Manager
To help coordinate and keep things on schedule
IT Team / IT Provider
To provide context on current setup and any potential blockers and risks associated with migration
Avanti Client Success Manager
To help ensure you and your team are set up for success
Avanti Migration Squad
To provide context on current setup and any potential blockers and risks associated with migration

Step 3: Rollout

We’ll configure your database within the new cloud environment. During this step, work is done simultaneously between our teams to stand up your new instance and get it ready for testing.

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Your To-Do List
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Update to the Latest Version of Avanti (Avanti 10.02)

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Review Technical Requirements and Complete Checklist

SaaS Migration Requirements
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Backup Control and Production Databases

How-to Backup Databases and Application Folder
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Transfer Your Files to us via an SFTP (if applicable)

How-to Transfer Files via SFTP
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Enroll users in to New UFace Clocks (as specified in order form)

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Avanti's To-Do List
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Load Copy of Database into new Cloud Server

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Configure New Avanti Application

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Complete System Setup (SSO, ASSP, Clocks as applicable)

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Create SFTP to Transfer Secure Files (if applicable)

Step 4: Testing

A new environment will be created and branded to the specifications of your pre-work form submission and it will be time to test.

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To-Do List
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Sign in and Review Testing Checklist

Review Checklist
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Report Testing Errors / Submit Feedback Form

Feedback Form
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Final Review (Following Rectified Testing Errors)

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Schedule Date For Final Cutover with Avanti

Step 5: Launch

Once testing is complete, and we all feel confident, Avanti will do the final cutover. During this time, we suggest that you review what’s going to change and start engaging the rest of your organization.

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To-Do List
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Class A Users: Enroll in New RDP Account

Learn How
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Final Data Migration

Navigating your new environment

This migration involves exciting changes for you and your team. Once Avanti brings your database into the cloud you’ll receive:

A New Environment

Created and branded to the specifications of your pre-work form submission (including new ASSP and Career Connector URLs and SSO as applicable).

A Remote Desktop Link

All Class A users will have accounts created (don’t worry, we won't send emails at this time). Email enrollment instructions will be sent to team members you’ve indicated as testers.

An Upgrade to Clock Connect

Clocks will be upgraded as specified in your order form to ensure compatibility with our web-based clock service: Clock Connect (this may require placing an order for new uFace clocks).

Learn more about Clock Connect

We’re always here to help

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions!