Phase 3


After we move over your existing instance, we’ll ask you to opt-in to the new experience and guide you through your new features and functionality.

Who is included in Phase 3?

At this stage, you’ll want to involve your whole company to educate them on what will change day-to-day.

Your Team Members
Avanti Team Member
Main Point of Contact
To lead the project and gather all necessary information and materials
Avanti Project Manager
To help coordinate and keep things on schedule
HR Team / Internal Communication Team
To send out internal communications about what’s changed
Avanti Client Success Manager
To help ensure you and your team are set up for success
To be notified of any day-to-day changes (ex. ASSP, Mobile App, Clocks as applicable)

Step 6: Exploration

Now that you’ve officially moved over to the cloud, it’s time to navigate your new experience. There are many new functionalities and features to learn and get excited about.

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To-Do List

The Avanti Implementation Team has a wide variety of expertise. From engineering, technical, and web/development to accounting majors, CPAs, and MBA grads – we pride ourselves on the diversity of education, experience, and skill set of our team members.

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Double-Check Functionality:
Now that everything is complete, spot-check functionality using our testing checklist.

Review Checklist
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Avanti API:
With our new cloud-based instance you’ll be given automatic access to our API documentation and endpoints to leverage for your own custom integrations. (Note: You will require a developer or third party to integrate with Avanti).

Review our Documentation
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Avanti GO:
Be sure to configure your system to work with our brand new mobile app, Avanti Go.

Learn How to Setup Avanti GO

Get to know the new Avanti

This is just the start of the new Avanti. With this move to the cloud, you can expect a more streamlined experience all around. We are doubling down on innovation and constantly enhancing our product capability with more frequent product releases.

To learn more, be sure to tune into our Office Hours webinar, where our Co-CEO and Director of Product discuss and demo the new experience.

Watch the Demo

With this new instance, you can expect exciting new features & functionality including:

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Centralized access to all core information including a new Employee Directory, Profile, & Modern Pay Statements

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Enhanced permissions & access management workflows

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Robust API and access to a growing marketplace of integrations

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Real-time schedule updates using our new web-based Clock Connect service

We’re always here to help

Now that your migration is complete, we are pleased to offer you full access to our support team of Certified Canadian Payroll Experts.