From time and attendance and payroll to recruitment and onboarding – many businesses are still using separate management systems to perform collective functions. HR professionals may prefer one system, while Payroll has their own favourite solution. The good news is, you can have it all. Integrations mean you can plug and play and do away with errors and redundant manual tasks to help get your company on the same page. Let’s take a look at what automation and integration can do to help you become a better business.

But first, what is HRIS integration?

HRIS integration is the way you connect your HRIS (human resource information system) with other essential applications, such as payroll or recruitment.

Some HRIS software solutions offer an all-in-one, already connected system of products that can include payroll, HR, recruitment, mobile, and more, while other solutions may only offer one specialized product.

Integration refers to a seamless connection of different systems via API (application programming interface). Because both systems are plugged into the same database, data flows from one to another so they’re always in sync and show real-time data. Any update in your payroll, for example, automatically appears in your HRIS records.

When selecting your HRIS solution you need to be aware of what you need out of your HRIS system and how you want to achieve your goal. Do you want an all-in-one system? Are you looking to integrate your HR product with a payroll product? Do you need a single source of truth for better data flow and accuracy? Integration can offer you the solutions you’re looking for.

6 benefits of integrating your HRIS solution

Reduces repetitive tasks

With an integrated solution, your HR, Payroll, and workforce management systems are streamlined – enter data once and only once, and it’s shared across all relevant platforms. Uninterrupted data flow and reduced redundancy mean saved time, so your employees can focus on strategic HR and payroll initiatives instead.

Data accuracy

In your role, ensuring data accuracy and consistency is essential. One mistake and an employee in your payroll could face the consequences. A synchronized system with seamless data flow is your best bet to maintain data integrity – after you enter key information, it’ll automatically upload and reflect in all locations, reducing errors significantly.

A single source of truth

In the same vein, a single source of truth not only improves data accuracy but security too. With so many critical organization-wide decisions dependent on data, it’s essential that it’s stored safely and is easily accessible.  

Efficient reporting

With an integrated HRIS solution you don’t need to spend hours transporting data from one system to another to build reports. Instead, you can pull valuable insights from your payroll-and-HR combined database and business intelligence tools simultaneously to create comprehensive reports, skipping the hassle of scouring data from separate systems.

Easy access

When everything is easily accessible, everyone is happy. From compensation history to personal data, self-service and single-sign-on empowers your employees to efficiently access their information. Plus, any changes employees make from their end are automatically displayed throughout your HRIS, putting an end to back and forth emails about address changes or pay statement requests.


Maintaining compliance is always top of mind for you. The nice thing with an integrated system is that automated processes ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest legislation across all systems. With documents easily accessible and within reach, submitting and remitting is a breeze.

With an integrated HRIS solution, your most time-consuming tasks are automated across all your systems and synced together to make your job easier. From data integrity to an uninterrupted data flow, the right HRIS integrated solution will transform the way you work.

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