5 tips to help find the best people management solution for you.

#1 Find the right business partner for you

This is an investment in a long-term partnership. Canadian businesses need a partner that can take on the complex challenges that are unique to Canadian legislation. That’s why you’ll want an established vendor with Canadian experience. Check references, look for certifications, and be sure they offer regular upgrades at no additional cost. You’ll also want to look for a solution that is scalable, one that can grow with your business.

#2 Get robust reporting capabilities

Reporting is an important part of people management. It’s also the place where you will get the most value out of your HR software. You need a solution where every field of your data is reportable. This capability will empower you to easily create your own reports. Speaking of reports, your new solution should come with a large library of out-of-the-box reports. Being able to schedule the delivery of reports to your executive and management teams will save you time and streamline your processes. Your ROI is all in the reporting.

#3 Manage your employees from hire to retire

When evaluating people management solutions, look for options that integrate into one data source. When your solution is fully integrated, your HR, Time & Attendance, and payroll data will always be accurate and there will be no lag time in data changes or reporting.

#4 Make it configurable

Your organization is unique, so be sure to look for a solution that can be configured to meet your business processes and requirements. Ensure that your HRIS implementation includes: a process review, configuration that streamlines and automates your processes, data conversion, a full training program, and rigorous testing of the solution before it goes live.

#5 Easy to use from end-to-end

It’s crucial that you and your team can navigate the solution with ease. From your super users in Payroll and HR to your managers and employees using the Self-Service portal. In order for your solution to be effective, the interface should be easy to use, memorable, accessible, and collaborative for all team members.

Talk to Avanti

When you want to tick every box on your checklist, consider Avanti’s all-in-one, cloud-based People Management Solution. With over 40 years of experience, Avanti is a great fit for mid-size Canadian businesses (200–5,000 employees) looking for greater efficiency and control.

Featuring a configurable range of tools, we specialize in streamlining and automating processes for businesses who use multiple systems or have complex payroll needs like multiple business numbers or companies, and collective bargaining units.

We can transform and automate your Canadian Payroll, Cloud-Based HRIS, Time & Attendance, and Recruiting & Onboarding processes to save your organization time and money.

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