How to Make Your Hospitality's HRIS More Hospitable and Powerful

How to Make Your Hospitality's HRIS More Hospitable and Powerful

Are You Building a Better Payroll & HR Experience for Your Managers and Employees?

As a Canadian hospitality, you aim to hire the best staff and provide an exemplary customer experience. Is your hospitality HRIS system doing the same for you? Is it time for an upgrade?

You manage the daily gratuity pay outs, weekly scheduling, and monthly reporting. You strategically forecast and budget, all while meeting the needs of hundreds of customers. You strive to enhance customer experiences, ensuring each person who enters your establishment is left better for it.

But what makes a hospitality successful? Your people. This is why managing your payroll is such an important aspect of your business.

People management is essential, as you are challenged with ensuring that each employee is being paid accurately and on time to ensure compliance in your payroll processing. But just like managing hundreds of employees is a big task, so is ensuring 100% compliance each pay cycle.

Does your HRIS system keep up with the fast-paced and volatile Canadian hospitality industry?

Scheduling Across Multiple Departments

Scheduling Headaches Caused By Disparate Time Tracking Systems

Do most of your employees have different scheduling requirements? Where any last-minute changes are rarely seen by employees? It can become challenging to track each employee’s availability and providing updates to all of your staff as soon as possible. Especially when any last-minute changes aren’t automatically updated in your system, resulting in employees having inaccurate information when they begin their shift.

You find yourself constantly manually entering various location codes when employees work at a different department, property, or store. When staff is constantly changing, it is vital that employees have the proper training and certifications, but it can be challenging to manually keep track of each employee.

With different staffing needs throughout the year, it can be challenging to keep track of. With a wide range of hourly staff and casual staff, ensuring each employee’s time is accurately accounted for is essential.

Hospitality HRIS Solution: Easier Time & Attendance for Hospitalities

Having an employee time tracking tool that’s integrated with your payroll system ensures that all data can easily be found in one place. This eliminates the need for multiple systems, where information can be easily misplaced.

Hospitality HRIS Solution: Employee Information On-the-Go

By having employee information readily available, it allows your employees to easily access and track their time worked. When their information is easily accessed through their phone, they can get real-time updates about their schedules. With a hospitality HRIS system that automatically sends time entered to you or your manager for approval, it saves more time than having to manually enter this data in. This gives you control to make any last-minute changes.

Managing Employee Gratuities for Hospitality Payroll

Are You Manually Calculating Your Employees’ Tips & Gratuities?

Whether you are calculating gratuities with cash or electronically, it becomes challenging to keep track of the number of gratuities for each employee, especially when these are determined based on the percentage for the position.

When you are calculating them on your own and then importing them into the system- it can become extremely tedious. It also starts becoming very time-consuming if done manually after each day.

Hospitality HRIS Solution: Automate Calculations for Tips & Gratuities

By having a tool that allows you to automate calculations for gratuities, you have the ability and control to accurately pay out employees based on the hours worked in a certain position. Through streamlining your gratuity process, it becomes easier to calculate the needed percentage. Ultimately, by automating these calculations you not only save time, but you can ensure that you are accurately paying gratuities to your staff.

Too Many Data Sources for your HRIS

Are Your Payroll & HRIS Data Sources All Over the Place?

How many different spreadsheets are you using for reporting? Does it result in duplicate entries that you’re having to verify across multiple systems?

With high turnover and seasonality, sometimes there’s a lack of certainty in hospitality. So it can be difficult to strategically forecast and budget for your business. What if you could have just a little more certainty if your reporting capabilities were better?

Are you finding that calculating simple reports like your weekly labour costs has become a daunting and time-consuming task? With separate HRIS systems for employee hours and calculation, repeat entries are unavoidable. So how can you remove these redundancies in your payroll reporting?

Hospitality HRIS Solution: Advanced Reporting Tools All from One Source

Generate accurate reports through advanced reporting tools that provide you with the ability to compile reports for any information required. This will ensure that repeat entries are a thing of the past. Now that your HRIS reporting tool pulls the payroll and scheduling information into one place, you no longer have to verify consistency across all those other systems.

With a greater amount of control over your payroll and scheduling data, you can easily compile it into a better report on your payroll and people operations. A better hospitality HRIS reporting tool should support your payroll and people. But it should also assist you in your budget reports, for things like occupancy rates and creating weekly cost profit analysis reports.

More Hospitality HRIS Resources from Avanti

Hotels, scenic attractions, ski hills, restaurants, and conference centres across hundreds of Canadian communities use Avanti to pay, develop, and manage their employees. With Avanti as your all-in-one solution for Payroll, HRIS, and time tracking, every employee and is part of your organization’s people management success.

All-In-One HRIS system for HR and Payroll

Are You Still Outsourcing your CRA Remittances?

Are you in a rush to submit your remittances to a payroll outsourcer who needs it days in advance? By outsourcing your remittances, you pay interest on the float until they finally make the deposit. This can add up quickly when you’re a hospitality operating on low margins. But what else can you do to save money on your payroll processing costs and gain more time?

Hospitality HRIS Solution: Take Back Control with an In-House Payroll System

By moving everything in-house, you have the ability and control to manage your own programming, remittances, and deposits. It allows you to compare the remittances that are supposed to be submitted to the ones actually submitted. This gives you the control you need to accurately and confidently track the amounts due and paid.

Hospitality HRIS for a Better Employee Experience

Upgrade your HR Tech with a Fully Integrated Hospitality HRIS Solution

With an integrated hospitality HRIS solution, manual data entry and calculations for reports are a thing of the past. Your hospitality’s payroll and people operations will become more efficient. Invest in a hospitality HRIS solution that keep all your data safe, in the cloud, and easy to report on. Automate those manual tasks, eliminate payroll redundancies, take back control of your HRIS and increase retention.

From tracking employee hours to managing payroll data, you have the ability to have all your employee data and systems in one convenient location. Look for a solution that streamlines your hospitality’s payroll processing; one that scales with you as you grow or when the high season comes to an end.

Level up your HR Tech, and have full control when it comes to managing your people.

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